Sitting Still Can Be a Finer Thing

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If there is one thing to both love and hate about breastfeeding, it is being forced to stay still.

When your babe is still eating every two to three hours (or in David’s case, every one to two!!), Momma does a lot of sitting around.

While I’ve become quite adept at nursing in front of the computer, sometimes I just need to soak in his sweet scent and smell his head and watch his little eyes as he savors every last drop of milk. Sometimes I just need to remove myself from the glare of the computer screen and I try to read a book, propped up behind the baby’s head on my Boppy.

Sometimes (oftentimes) I use the sitting time to watch backed-up DVRed shows … if Libbie is asleep. But I’ve found the best use of one of those times of sitting or laying down is spending time reading the Word.

Near the beginning of the month, I read about this “Bible reading plan for slackers and shirkers” on (in)courage. Since then, I’ve been able to check off a box most days. If I’m on the computer, I can read a few chapters on Bible Gateway while I nurse. But my favorite new method of quiet time is to read the chapters for the day aloud to myself and David while he merrily sucks away.

So much more sinks in when it is read aloud, whether we’re talking Wordsworth or Dr. Seuss or the Holy Word. It is a beautiful, sacred time for me and my child; and I love that even in his infancy he is hearing truth.

Today, we read and he ate, and I journaled prayers awkwardly while he slept in my arms. It was the sweetest quiet time I think I have ever had.

It’s true what Molly Piper wrote at (in)courage, that “the hardest thing to do is open your Bible.” I am highly distracted, sleep deprived, and have a to-do list a mile long that rarely gets a check mark. Thus I am thankful for my little nursling and the interesting ways God forces us to rest when we need it most. Having a quiet time with my baby is a divine finer thing.

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2 thoughts on “Sitting Still Can Be a Finer Thing

  1. I think it's also to good to be thankful for the ability to nurse. When people ask you can say that you breastfeed. You have bonding time that many a mom *may* not experience. I would say simply being able and willing to nurse is a finer thing in itself!

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