Alphabet Bible Crafts: A and B

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On Libbie’s birthday, October 27, she turned 2 and I decided it was high time we started some Bible learnin’ around here. I have long admired Amanda‘s alphabet crafts at Impress Your Kids and thought that would be a good place to start. So we did A.


Libbie didn’t even try to say the Bible verse and was mostly concerned with plastering stickers all over the picture.

It was frustrating to me, and I’ve gone back and forth on whether it was worth it to do any sort of “organized” craft just because it makes me feel like a better stay-at-home mom if I do. Is it profitable to her at all?

Then early in February, my sweet #sisterchicks and Hillary gave me some gifts for David, and Amanda included a big bucket of craft supplies for Libbie. My sister, the elementary school teacher, dug right in and showed Libbie how to string beads, use glitter glue, and dig a penny out of play-doh. Since then Libbie has been obsessively playing with the crafts any time I will let her (i.e., any time I don’t mind picking up streamers and buttons off the floor).

Today I finally found the oomph to do letter B (4 months later, if you’re keeping track).


“What letter is this Libbie?”
“What LETTER is it?”
“Uh … B!”

I was so proud.

She was still mostly interested in gluing on buttons, but I kept repeating the verse to her all day long. And soon she was repeating it back. And to hear my sweet baby say her first Bible verse is a finer thing–and enough to make a mama tear up.

[there is a video embedded here if you can’t see it in your reader. click through!]


“Believe in Jesus and you be saved!” Acts 16:31, New Libbie Version

I’ve decided crafts are now a good use of our time together.

6 thoughts on “Alphabet Bible Crafts: A and B

  1. She is adorable! It is never too early to start learning Scripture – and before kids start reading their little minds are absolute sponges for memory work.

  2. We've been doing the Raising Rock Stars curriculum from 1+1+1=1. It's awesome. It amazes me that Grace still knows the memory verses that we've done – ones from November and December! I heard her say the very first one today, to her dolls. Keep up the great work, Momma!

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