Getting Back on Track

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Sponge Mops
Some months ago, I posted about the Motivated Moms Chore Planner. I have to tell you, it really does help, especially if you have Cleaning ADD like I do. But as I got more and more pregnant and less able to bend over, any thoughts of truly cleaning pretty much went out the window.

Now that I’m starting to emerge from the newborn haze (although hello, baby is STILL getting up every 2 hours–save me!), I’m ready to get back into some sort of cleaning schedule. It’s time to cough up the $8 for the new Motivated Moms 2011 chore planner.

If you’re more interested in something suited just to the tasks you do in your home, Christine’s Create-Your-Own Cleaning Schedule might be a better purchase! For $7.99, Christine will walk you through creating a master schedule for your year suited to your home in particular. And for free, you can check out iDream of Clean, her website, which has tons of great resources when it comes to keeping your home clean and organized.

Perhaps you’re like me and skipped New Year’s Resolutions … but now that it’s February I’m ready to improve some areas of my life. I had such great response to my initial Motivated Moms post I know many people are in the same boat I am–lost when it comes to how to clean. I hope these resources will help you–and me!

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I am an affiliate for both of these programs, so if you purchase either I get a small percentage of the proceeds. That does not influence my recommendations of both!

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