Life with Libbie

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Here’s a little sample of what life with Libbie has been like lately.

Yesterday, she dumped Italian seasoning on the floor, smeared diaper cream on her stomach, took a knife off the counter, and decided one of her dolls was named Rebecca–then Abby–then finally Tessa (after her cousin, Tricia‘s daughter).

Today,  she smeared glue stick on the couch, crumpled up my coupons, learned how to stand on a chair to reach things that are higher (while I was on the phone she figured this one out), ran into the BUSY street in front of our house, found some Mylicon drops in an old diaper bag and tried to open them to give to her baby (yeah, that one is definitely a Mommy OOPS!), and … was a perfect angel for a babysitter for a few hours. Of course.

At 18 months she was well-versed in the “no” part of the terrible 2s, as well as tantrums and disobeying. But it seems we have reached the true peak of the age, probably brought on by a little baby rivalry.

My friends say 3 is worse. I am scared.

I miss being just the two of us. I hate that she wants to crawl in my lap and David is already there and I have to choose him over her because, well, he eats from my body and she doesn’t.

I don’t want to rush time, because there are things about this age that are so darn cute I can’t stand it. But my patience is worn thin with lack of sleep, crying, hormones.

Life with two is things I never dreamed it would be. For more, please check out my monthly ParentLife post – it’s one of the more truthful things I’ve written in a while.

6 thoughts on “Life with Libbie

  1. It is hard – this is such a hard, hard age. I think being honest and knowing that you're not alone is very helpful. I feel the same way about #1…and I also feel like I've never quite fully bonded with #2 and he is almost 10 months old.

  2. If it's any consolation, I wouldn't say three is WORSE, necessarily. It's equally hard in a different way. Was that any consolation?

    …I thought not. 🙁

  3. I've had nightmares about her running onto that road. My heart stopped when I read that. Everything else is mostly stuff but tell her Nana says "NO running onto road."

  4. 3 is the best! So much fun, so much learning. They are so eager to learn about everything, so teach her! Shapes, colors, read to her a lot, teach her how to spell and write her name! She will thank you! The nightmares can be hard. I am going to do a blog post about our new bedtime routine that has helped my son sleep through the night without waking up!!! He was waking up multiple time a night crying because he was scared. Now, he's not scared anymore!

  5. At first i thought you were taking about 3 being worse as far as number of children, and then i realized you were speaking of the age of 3. On both accounts, i would say three is better and so much more enjoyable. At the age of 3, things began to go much smoother around our house with Abby and, call me crazy, but i felt the adjustment to three children much easier than the adjustment from one to two and even zero to one…it's not less work, just easier for me to manage…at least until that #3 is "on the go"!

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