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So here’s the deal.

Earlier today Mr. V and I were talking with his mom about meal planning and cooking. Mr. V has told me on several occasions that I should just make a list of 20-30 meals and rotate them. I think he wishes he could have his favorite meals more often; I tend to try new recipes all the time. Unless I get on a kick, we might have one particular recipe 3-4 times a year.

So. I went and made a list of what I thought our “family favorite” meals were. But there’s a small issue right now.

David is nearly 7 weeks old and for weeks has had super bad gain pains several times a day. It kills me to see him writhe in pain and know that somehow my milk is doing that to him! We’ve relied heavily on gripe water, which fixes the short-term problem but not the foundational issue.

I decided to try to cut out dairy for awhile and did successfully for about 4-5 days. His gas did seem to die down some in the latter part of that. Then I started reading and it seemed like the real issue could be my own forceful letdown. So I went back on dairy.

And then two days ago the painful gas came back.


All of that to say: I would love to choose from our family favorites list, but THEY ALL HAVE CHEESE!!

What can I say? I am apparently a Midwesterner at heart. Or just have a penchant for Mexican and Italian foods.

David does not seem to be extremely sensitive to dairy; I’ve used a little butter here and there and it doesn’t appear to bother him. I’m trying to cut out as much as I possibly can, though.

So for the next few months our menu planning might be a little different. Eventually maybe my husband will get his wish. We shall see.

Sunday: Superbowl! Going to a party and taking Caramel-Pecan Bars.
Monday: Balsamic Chicken with Tortellini (for Mr. V and Libbie), Salad, Broccoli
Tuesday: Oven Country Steak, Baked Potatoes
Wednesday: Fish en Papillote, brown rice
Thursday: Thanksgiving Dinner Turkey Burgers, baked sweet potatoes, fruit salad
Friday: Buffalo Chicken Chili
Saturday: Leftovers

Here is the list of our family favorite recipes.

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9 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. I have made a "family favorite meals list" too and it's been a great tool for when I'm just not sure what sounds good for dinner and I need to come up with something everyone will eat without complaint! Not always easy to do with 4 kids. 🙂


  2. FWIW, when my little man was an infant, we eventually figured out that he had gas pain if I drank milk, but butter, cheese, etc. didn't seem to bother him. Avoiding nuts also seemed to help. Goat's milk also may agree with him more than cow's milk.

    Now at 2.5 we keep him off gluten for neurological reasons, but he has no digestive issues with dairy or anything else. *shrug*

  3. Hi Jessie,
    Your menu and your Country Steak look so good to me. I would like to invite you to bring a dish to my Full Plate Thursday. Thank you for sharing and you have a great week!

  4. Oh gosh, this happened (and is happening still) to me!

    And for a while I listened to my mom and cut out all the things she wasn't supposed to eat when she was breastfeeding me initially…onions, peppers, tomatoes, bananas, apples, citrus, broccoli.

    Can I tell you how little there was in my regular family favorites that satisfied *those* criteria? Couple that with generally being hormonal and emotional, and it was not good.

    Anyway, I don't have any good suggestions for cheese alternatives, but almond milk for drinking and rice milk for cooking have worked out pretty well for me. And I definitely think I've lost baby weight quicker by not having as much cheese or milk (though it still sucks not to have pizza or frozen lasagna or whatever as a fallback plan).

  5. Jessie – probably no need to give up butter. With most infants, its the dairy proteins that bother them, and since butter is all fat it doesn't have any protein. With Ellie I had to give up dairy for 6 months because it gave her excema whenever I had it. But then I was able to add back in breads (and other things that just little amounts of dairy in them), then cheese and yogurt, and finally milk. Good luck!

  6. Oh dear! My BFF's doctor just asked her to cut out all dairy because they suspect her son is either lactose intolerant or allergic to milk. She's already a picky eater and these new restrictions are making her miserable. I hope you can add some new Family Favorites that don't contain cheese.

    Oh, and I've already added the buffalo chicken chili to our menu for next week. My husband's been wanting chili and we do love all things buffalo wing sauce.

  7. My son used to get gassy when he was breastfeeding – but it usually happened when he had a stuffy nose, believe it or not. While he was nursing, he was also gulping in air, which led to tummy bubbles. . .

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