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We are going to be eating a whole lot of TOMATOES for the next while, because I made out like a bandit at Publix Italian Days this week. I may need to make a quick trip back to the store because I was shopping with two kids and it’s nearly impossible to juggle coupons, an infant in a front carrier, and a “car cart” with a toddler in it while trying to keep one’s mind focused on shopping!

We were also planning on eating leftovers on Saturday night and discovered that we really didn’t have any. That’s a good thing, because it means they were being eaten for lunch! But I had to swap out one of the meals I had planned for this week.

Anyway, here’s my plan for this week (tentatively):

Sunday: Pancakes, Bacon, Eggs
Monday: Chicken Fried Rice 
Tuesday: Chicken Enchilada Soup (making my own cream of chicken soup)
Wednesday: Mini Meatloaves (based on this recipe, except I have to make mine without cheese), orange slices, fried potato slices
Thursday: Tomato Soup, grilled cheese (for Mr. V and Libbie)
Friday: probably eating out, my grandparents are going to be here
Saturday: Leftovers

If you’re interested, here are the steals I got at Publix this week!

$5 off 20 General Mills Deal
2 Green Giant frozen boxed vegetables / 2 @ $1.00 each
–used 2 .50/1 q’s that doubled = .00

4 cans Muir Glen diced tomatoes and tomato sauce / $5.34
–used 2 $1/1 q from, 1 $1/2 q from (not there anymore), and 2 $1/2 store q’s from the Italian Days ad = .34

6 cans Progresso beans / $4.00
–used $1/4 store q from Italian Days ad = $3.00

4 cans Progresso soup / $4.58
–used $1/4 store q from Italian Days ad and $1/4 q from CouponNetwork = $2.58

2 cans Green Giant veggies = $1.29

1 large can Hunt’s crushed tomatoes = .95

1 small can Hunt’s tomato sauce = .34

TOTAL: $8.50
– $5/20


– And I actually would have saved more if I had bought four cans of veggies and four cans of beans, but I am more likely to use the beans. But if you do that you can use the $1/4 store q in the Italian Days ad for canned veggies.

Other steals:
Sargento extra sharp shredded cheddar – $2/pkg, used $1.50/1 store q = .50
Sargento shredded pepperjack – $2/pkg, used $1.50/1 store q = .50
Mentos – .50, used .50/1 q, made .50

Not too shabby! With my other groceries, I spent $60.10 and saved $45.65.

Added to Menu Plan Monday, Weekly Totals at I Heart Publix, and Super Savings Saturday at MoneySavingMom.

3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. Way to go!!! That's quite impressive! I have a little boy just older than Libby and a little girl just younger than David and I have yet to take both of them to the grocery store by myself! My husband and I went once with both of them- he took the kids in a car cart and left me to do my shopping with an empty cart- nothing like the feat you accomplished!!!

  2. I found your blog through the Iheartpublix site. I love your recipes. I will be making the fried rice tomorrow and the chicken enchilada soup later in the week. I confess, I don't meal plan, but I love that you do…and I won't have to buy much of anything, I'll just shop from my stockpile.

  3. Totally cracking up at this! I had to go to the store yesterday with the 2 kids. Same deal. Tommy wanted the fire engine cart, which has a shorter actual basket to begin with. By the time I put the infant seat in there, there was a tiny spot to put my groceries. It should be an Olympic sport, I tell ya!

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