Ten Books My Daughter Has Been Obsessed With

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Like most kids, I’m sure, Libbie goes through phases with which books she’s interested in. Some stick around for days; others, she wants to read every day for weeks.

I confess Mr. V and I are not the kind of parents who will read the same book 16 times a day. When she has probably 60-70 books, I refuse the read the same one more than once or twice a day. And yet we–and Libbie–have the same set of books memorized.

Here are ten books she’s been obsessed with if you want a recommendation for your baby/toddler! All of these are Libbie-approved and not overly annoying.

Bubbles, Bubbles – This is the first book Libbie was really interested in, before she had ever even seen Elmo on TV. It came from the Target $1 rack and I’ve seen it there and at Dollar Stores. For a LONG time this is the only book she would sit still through at all. And it was so fun to listen to her say, “Pop pop pop!” when she was barely talking.

Lift-and-Learn New Testament Stories – For a while, when she was still in her crib, Libbie went to sleep with a stack of books. She was always insistent she had her “Jees book.” She loved the little flaps in this book and had memorized what was behind each one. And it was the first time she really got to see Bible stories!

The Very Busy Spider – My husband and I are both graduates of the University of Richmond, mascot: SPIDERS! When we sent in the announcement of Libbie’s birth to the alumni newsletter, they sent us this book. Libbie loved making the animal noises for all the barn animals the spider encounters. I love Eric Carle illustrations, too!

Baby Loves – Libbie can pretty much “read” this entire book, which repeats the same sentence structure throughout. It talks about all the things baby “loves more than anything in the world,” and has very vibrant illustrations.

Toes, Ears, and Nose – I was so depressed that for a long time Libbie wouldn’t sit still long enough to read ANY book. I think it was Allison who suggested Karen Katz lift-the-flap books. A new obsession was born in our house! We have several of these “peekaboo” type Katz books.

Counting Kisses – also by Karen Katz, but counting rather than lift-the-flap. Great if you’re learning body parts! Libbie would insist on getting and giving kisses every time we read this as well as pointing to all her body parts mentioned in the text.

Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? – I love this little Dr. Seuss board books. I’m not sure if this one differs significantly from the larger, original book. (I know The Foot Book does, because we have both versions.) Dr. Seuss is just so timeless and captivating. Libbie loves making the noises Mr. Brown makes in this book. It was definitely one of the inspirations behind our Dr. Seuss birthday party.

Little One, God Loves You – I picked up this book at Goodwill because I can’t resist a Christian-based book for less than a dollar! It’s only about four sentences long and I will confess it’s not my favorite of Libbie’s books; however, she likes it and went through a phase where she wanted to read it constantly. We suspect that might be because one of the babies pictured has a pacifier. But, whatever makes her want to read, right?

Green Eggs and Ham – another Dr. Seuss classic. It’s sure a mouthful for parents to read, but Libbie loved it. My quest to use it as an example of why she should try new foods has not been successful, though.

Gigi, God’s Little Princess – One day Libbie dug out this Gigi book and has never looked back. We have two Gigi books (this one, the original, and The Royal Tea Party), and we read at least one every day. They are LONG for someone Libbie’s age but she will generally sit and listen to the whole story. I adore Sheila Walsh’s humor and I love that Libbie is getting a great biblical lesson about how she is God’s little princess while fulfilling her “princess and pink” girly need.

There are several other books I could mentioned but since it’s Top 10 Tuesday and you probably don’t have all day, I will stop there.

What’s your toddler’s favorite read?

5 thoughts on “Ten Books My Daughter Has Been Obsessed With

  1. Evan LOVES Mr. Brown! Definitely in his top 5 right now, as long as you count "All Sandra Boynton" books as 1. We also have a book called "Boots" that was mine when I was little – about a guy named Tom who gets mice in his boots – that he's fascinated with. I love that it's just a liiiiittle more book-like than baby books but he's finally old enough to sit through it.

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