Flashback: 10 Reasons I Hate St. Patrick’s Day

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A reminder from 2009 on why I won’t be wearing green today … and why I don’t care.

Ten Reasons I Hate St. Patrick’s Day

I’m sure missing out … I could look THIS stupid!!

1. I’m not Irish.

2. I’m not Catholic.

3. I don’t drink beer, so no enthusiasm over green beer.

4. Plus, going out to drink would cause me to be up later than 10 o’clock.

5. Leprechauns scare me.

6. I could never find a four-leaf clover.

7. I hate being pinched. (Anyone who has tried to pinch me today has been informed they will be kicked. And I am not kidding.)

8. I have green eyes, so that should be green enough.

9. I don’t look that good in green in the first place.

10. As Mr. V pointed out this morning, isn’t nearly every day some saint’s day? Why did we pick St. Patrick to celebrate as a full-out holiday?

Lest you think I hate every holiday, I promise, I love most of them. The ones that have a point. Like Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and patriotic holidays.

Are you a St. Patrick’s enthusiast?

8 thoughts on “Flashback: 10 Reasons I Hate St. Patrick’s Day

  1. The only reason I'm wearing green is to appease my mother, who likes to dress appropriately for all holidays. (Can you say former teacher?) I managed to semi-snake out of it by just wearing a green necklace and earrings. Technically, only Catholics are supposed to wear green; Protestants are supposed to wear orange. But I hate the color orange more than anything else. Except bananas.

  2. Yes I am! But I'm definitely Irish, and I grew up Catholic. However, green? Not so much. Teehee. And we celebrate St. Patrick because he brought Christianity to such a huge cohort, and now they're procreated and such.
    I think, anyway – it's been a while.

    – Molly

  3. haha, I am Catholic, and a little bit Irish… but I don't like leprechauns, or clover, and I don't look good in green (and have thus purged it from my wardrobe). I do however LOVE corned beef and cabbage, and I love the fact that it is so much easier/cheaper to find in the grocery stores this week than any other week of the year.

    Everyone else can go out for green beer, I am just sticking around for the dinner.

  4. There's Irish in my blood, sorta. The side of my family that came from Ireland showed up in the US in the 1600s (seriously!) so uh…I think I'm just American.

    I wore purple today and Johnny is in blue. Vivienne is in a green and pink floral thing, bless her, because she got us free nuggets at Chick Fil A! Haha!

    I totally spaced that today was even a day besides Thursday (and I'm lucky I knew that). Otherwise I would have worn green to get more free food. 🙂

  5. Oh, I feel you! I HATE the whole pinching thing, that's my least favorite part. In high school, I started a tradition….. I did NOT wear green on St. Patrick's day, but I wore purple the day after in protest…. and punched anyone who wasn't wearing purple. Of course, very few people wear purple, especially the day after St. Patrick's day, so I bruised quite a few arms. I mostly targeted those who pinched me on St. Patrick's Day for not wearing purple. I still carry the purple tradition to this day…. I will be wearing a purple shirt tomorrow.

  6. Its not like I celebrate st. Patrick's day but I don't hate it either. He was known enough for something to make a holiday so I don't mind if people celebrate it.

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