Getting to Friday is a Finer Thing

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Does it ever feel like just getting to Friday is a finer thing?

We started this week with a (literal) bang. Massive storms took out tons of trees all over Chattanooga. The 15-minute torrential downpour scared the beejeebies out of Libbie and stole our power away for 24 hours. While I enjoyed the excuse to go visit friends, it’s amazing how “off-track” one can feel just living without cooking, a dishwasher, or laundry for a day!

Tuesday morning Libbie and I took David to the doctor for his 2-month check-up. Our chunky boy is 12 pounds, 11 ounces at 10 weeks. Before the appointment I had taken them to Dunkin Donuts because we had no power and it was chilly in our house. Well, the donut man didn’t have any power either. They had no donuts and no bagels. But they did have coffee, glory hallelujah. And biscuits.

 gratuitous adorable baby picture

So we went to the doctor with Libbie carrying her biscuit in a Dunkin Donuts bag. It made me feel like a really bad mom. I promise, she doesn’t eat donuts all the time. (My precious nurse there, Peaches, said girl needs to eat and let her eat whatever she will. I love that lady.)

I feel like today was spent in a battle of wills with two children and found me in a puddle of tears about 4 p.m.

There is more to that story, of course … but for now, let’s just say it feels like it’s been a very long week.

And it’s hard not to stay up late when that is the only time I have to myself, ever. So here it is 10:47 p.m., and I know I should have been asleep an hour ago. I’m thinking half of today’s mental breakdown was brought on by the fact that I got very little sleep last night. So what am I doing awake?

Good night, friends. Fridays are a finer thing indeed. We’re looking forward to a fun weekend with the in-laws and some beautiful weather.

5 thoughts on “Getting to Friday is a Finer Thing

  1. You have had a tough week! Two kids is hard enough without storms and power outages! My boys are 4 & 6 and until not even a year ago, I'd sink into a heap of tears all.the.time. My sil once said it'll be better in a year – it was 3 yrs later that it's finally better! Found you on Finer Things. Hope next week is much better!

  2. I totally feel the same way! 🙂 But now I'm sad because although hubby will be home this weekend, I work the next 5 nights in a row. I get a 'break' from toddler mayhem but miss out on my weekend and family time.

  3. I love reading your blog because we have kids the same ages and I TOTALLY get it! I took my 5 month old to the doctor this week and my 2 year old was fine until the very end when she threw a tantrum. I about lost it! Thank God the baby was so good or I would have completely broken down. I look forward to Fridays EVERY week because hubby is home then, so I completely empathize and feel ya! Keep writing! And keep on keepin' it real!

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