Menu Plan Monday

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Sunday: Pizza with Goat Cheese and Prosciutto (carried over from last week)
Monday: Slow Cooker Carnitas, fruit salad
Tuesday: Pasta Fagioli Soup
Wednesday: Sauteed Tilapia with Honey-Scallion Dressing, Fried Rice, sauteed green beans with soy glaze
Thursday: White Chicken Chili
Friday: spaghetti supper at church
Saturday: kids and I are outta here until next Thursday–visiting Nana and Poppy!

Lunches: Quesadillas, PBJ, grilled cheese, fruits and raisins for Libbie; fajitas, soup, leftovers for Mommy

Breakfasts: Omelets, French toast, breakfast burritos

It’s almost laughable to say this … but I’ve been thinking about trying to drastically reduce my carb intake lately. South Beach is the only “diet” that’s ever worked for me. I just feel like I eat a LOT of carbs right now and probably need to replace those with vegetables. But the thought of going low-grain along with no cheese, sour cream, cream cheese, etc, makes me kind of break out into hives. Any advice?

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4 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. I don't think I've commented on your blog before, but I've enjoyed reading. 🙂 I just wanted to say good luck if you got low-carb. My family has been through tons of eating styles over the years that I feel like I've experienced them all!

    If I'm trying to cut carbs, my biggest problem is finding snack foods and side dishes. My go-to items are hard boiled eggs, cooked beans drizzled with Ranch or Italian dressing (especially if you cook the beans seasoned with salt, garlic, and cayenne so they're not bland), celery with Ranch or peanut butter, handfuls of nuts, and lots of sliced fruits and vegetables.

    I also find that experimenting with eating more vegetables raw gives me variety and keeps me happier even within the limits of a restrictive diet. If I'm getting sick of carrot sticks, then sliced cabbage, sliced beets, sliced radish, and handfuls of spinach begin to look more interesting. I like to take vegetables that are usually only eaten cooked (cabbage, beets, even frozen corn or frozen peas) and eat them raw/as is (I discovered that frozen peas are surprisingly sweet and nice and cool for a hot summer day). Sometimes it makes for a great variety and helps me not get bored even when I'm eating within restricted parameters. Good luck! 🙂

  2. It's so true–I know that feeling of standing in front of the fridge, thinking WHAT Can I EAT??? after making dietary changes. My family has had long interludes of gluten and casein-free eating over the past five years but we haven't been non-stop purists in either department.

    My advice: the first two weeks can be really tough, but after that it's not a big deal. Plan for the first two weeks! If I make sure I have food options in the house for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks I don't get caught up short and am not as tempted to cave.

    Right now I am thinking about becoming a gluten-free, dairy free purist again, because in the past I have found that dietary lifestyle to be very effective in shedding the last few stubborn pounds of baby weight, and I still have a few stubborn pounds I'd like to take off.

    I'd encourage you to check out some "paleo" food blogs for recipes and encouragement. My favorites are and, and both have links to go from there.

    Good luck to you!

  3. Thank you for posting great recipes. I am always looking for new tilapia recipes, as I tend to eat it about once a week. The recipe looks amazing. ~Liz

  4. You asked for advice…… here goes. Don't even think about dieting until your nursing baby is at least 6 months old. A: you need to keep up with his demands on your body B: you need all your tired brain cells to take care of your babies C: you probably won't really lose that much until the baby is weaned anyways. D: give yourself a break in this fragile time!!!
    I'm right there with you right now…..I'm just aiming not to gain any weight in these months.
    Take care ~Ingrid

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