Planning for an Easter Meal

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I am kind of disturbed that I don’t have a plan for our Easter dinner yet. It’s very unlike me! I’m considering just going to the farmer’s market tomorrow and seeing what jumps out at me. I always, always make a ham, but we’re probably just going to have 4 (and Libbie) to feed so it seems ridiculous to buy a whole big ham.

Here are some suggestions I got on Twitter:






Tara’s egg solution? The exact same thing I tried last week when I made hard-boiled eggs for our cross mosaic. For some reason I am incapable of making truly hard-boiled eggs. The ones for our mosaic were 100% soft-boiled. Ew.

Anyway … what would you make for a nice Easter dinner for 4 + a toddler? 

3 thoughts on “Planning for an Easter Meal

  1. I have hard-boiled egg issues too! Thankfully, God matched me up with a perfect egg boiler, and I generally just tell him how many we need for Easter.

    I have found a little gadget that looks like an egg but it's red and has marks in it for the different levels of hard-boiledness. You put it in with the eggs, and it turns blue as the eggs boil. I just watch it and as soon as it's completely blue, I know the eggs are done. Works wonders for people like me! Of course, I dropped it a while back and broke it, but thankfully hubby is still my backup plan.

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