Why I Am Glad I Don’t Have a Smart Phone

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It’s a brisk Friday, a true Spring day after being in the 70s early in the week. Libbie has a pink nose and a grin as she scampers from one place to another in the old playground.

It’s so chilly there are only a few others populating the spacious area: a man and woman with a girl-child and a boy-child, and a set of five children I soon determine are a yours-mine-and-ours family.

My time is spent strolling-pushing and placing Libbie on various objects she finds interesting: an old-fashioned pony on a spring, a seesaw, every swing she can find.

The two-child family is also roaming the park. Dad’s eyes are relentlessly focused on his iPhone, even while threatening the kids, “If you do that again, we are leaving!”

They don’t leave.

I’m no parenting expert, but there is one thing I always do: follow through on my threats. Sometimes, it stinks. Recently I had to sweep up a dustpan of Crayolas because that is what I told Libbie I would do if she didn’t pick them up.

It’s the way we learn consequences.

But distraction makes it umpteen times harder to follow through. When I am blogging, nursing the baby, folding laundry, watching a favorite show on TV, just having a good conversation on Twitter … those are the times I really don’t want to get up and put Libbie in time-out (which often requires physically removing her from where she’s thrown herself on the floor).

Watching that family made me remember why I should be grateful I don’t have a smartphone.

I know myself. Too often during the day I am drawn to the computer to “just” check my e-mail, which turns into a 20-minute distraction. To have that availability constantly would be too much for me.

Two of the yours-mine-ours kids are enamored with Libbie. They show her a swing and then ask me to push them on the swings. They are gleeful as I agree. After a few pushes, I suggest they push each other, and they look at me like the thought had never occurred to them. As Libbie continues to run wild, I watch them do that very thing, big smiles on their faces.

I’m glad I didn’t miss that moment.

I hope you don’t take this as “everyone with a smartphone is a bad parent.” SOOO not what I am saying. I just know my problem with obsessions and Internet addiction and I don’t think it would be a healthy choice for me.


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8 thoughts on “Why I Am Glad I Don’t Have a Smart Phone

  1. Don't blame the technology. I have a smart phone. They only time I pull it out when I'm with my kids is to take pictures of them (during active time. I do stay home, so I kinda have to do everything when I'm with them). I'm glad I have my Droid. It's fun. :0)

  2. I linked up with my Why I had Gastric Bypass post. I tried to post your link with the cute little boy with the umbrella. But it didn't work. So I just linked to this page. Hope that works okay, I'm new to this whole blog linking thing. 🙂

    And, I have a Droid X and I know the draw it can have… I try and usually succeed.

  3. I have an iPod touch, so basically it's an iPhone without the phone and camera. And 3G. But it has wifi and I had to delete Facebook from it because I just popped on there too much, and why?

    I think I will probably get a smartphone some day. But I know I'll need to be careful!

    I want to link up but my brain isn't cooperating and I can't think of a topic just yet. Soon i hope!

  4. I needed this post. You know I don't have a smart phone 😉 as we're still on the pre-paid route, BUT… the allure is sometimes there. And as much as I have to be careful with my laptop, I KNOW I would be that way with a fancy-schmancy phone. It would be nice on certain occasions, but do I REALLY need to tweet things while I'm out and about?!

  5. TOTALLY there with you. My friends and co-workers make fun of my 'ancient' phone, but I really don't have iphone envy. If I wanted one, I'd have one. But then I'd spend every waking moment totally distracted…so no. I like that I have to physically go downstairs and log onto the computer, and I can shut it off and walk away. Otherwise I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to resist!

  6. I loved your post. I have a smart phone and i totally get how it is a huge time-suck. I'm not on facebook, for that very reason. A phone is so very easily accesible and so easy to get sucked in to. I'm looking forward to linking up next week – we're on vacation right now and I don't have time to edit my post.

  7. Is this a Thursday thing? Seems fun. I want to read a bunch of those posts.

    I love my smart phone…but like you we have to use it judiciously. I pay attention to my kids when at the park! LOL

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