Why I Don’t Want to Cook Dinner Anymore

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If you’re visiting from a search engine and need some simple recipes because you really don’t want to cook, may I suggest the following?


Why I...
It seems that over the last few weeks, I’ve lost my knack for cooking.

Everything burns: fried rice, chicken, bread, vegetables. Scrambled eggs have too much milk. Pancakes cannot be flipped correctly. Breads don’t rise. Potatoes don’t brown. I forget to make side dishes. Recipes that sound delicious flop. I set the smoke detector off 5 days out of 7. I wish I were joking.

Something that was once a joy has become worse than a chore; it’s a feeling of letting down my family each and every night. It’s embarrassment over that beeping noise again and smoke filling the kitchen again.

I consider myself a decent cook, or at least one who can usually look at a recipe and decipher whether or not it will be good. It’s so disheartening to bring fork to mouth and taste disappointment once more.

Perhaps it’s something to point me back to my beginnings as a cook, or maybe just a sign that we should be eating more raw foods. I now know what my friends mean when they say they can’t make pasta without burning it. And I don’t like it one bit.

One more cooking disaster and I’m afraid our menu plan will be ramen noodles, every night.

At least that would be cheap.


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Why I...

I’m planning to spend this weekend off the computer and concentrating instead on the holy sacrifice of Jesus. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

6 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Want to Cook Dinner Anymore

  1. I found that after I had my son my brain just didn't work the same way for a while. You'll get back in the groove soon.

  2. I hear ya!!!! I am so sick of cleaning the stove top because something boiled over *again*!!!! And nothing really tastes good either! Hang in there!

  3. The way we avoid eating icky food all the time is that I'm the menu planner and the sous chef, and tim is the one who actually puts the meal together!

  4. Oh my. Isn't that the worst? I hope things get back on track soon:) I love seeing your meal plans and recipes. I bought more tangerines yesterday to make your honey tangerine sauce. Hopefully I make it before I eat all the tangerines again!

  5. I love that I read your blog anyway and then googled "I don't want to make dinner" and this article was the fourth or so down. How fun.

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