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Once upon a time, a long time ago, I hosted a carnival called Family Recipe Fridays.

I loved doing it, aside from:

  • All the people who link their main page, not their post.
  • All the people who didn’t link back.
  • The carnival was not what I thought it would be. I wanted to integrate food and storytelling, two of my passions. And for the most part, people were just linking whatever recipe, like they would to any food carnival. The world did not need another food linky.

I feel my blog has a few true purposes: to move people closer to Christ; to let women know not everyone is perfect–and those who you think are perfect are likely just putting on an act; and to inspire you to write better. That third purpose is why I have the Before You Hit Publish series (which I promise has more coming soon!).

Starting next Friday, I am beginning a link-up called “Why I.” It’s meant to help you write. About anything. The only requirement is that your post title must start with “Why I.” You can tell a story (“Why I Missed the First Day of Summer Camp in 1992”), defend a belief or practice (“Why I Breastfeed in Public”), or just tell us about your crazy (“Why I Wear Christmas Socks Year-Round”).

(And yes, I could write any one of those posts.)

I hope you’ll link up some Friday with me. You don’t have to write the post on Friday, of course. Write it whenever and just remember to visit on Friday. (Actually, I will do my best to have all posts up at 9 p.m. Eastern time on Thursday night.)

I hope you will link back to Vanderbilt Wife and link to your perma-post. I might delete your link if you don’t. No hard feelings, but it’s just polite!

Do you think you will join in? What’s one “Why I” post YOU could write? Just tempt us with the title!

8 thoughts on “Why I …

  1. I will gladly link up! I love the open end idea! All the "why I…" possibilities are running thru my mind right now. Can't wait.


  2. Your post is somewhat timely since I felt the need to write a "Why I" post today after a yucky attacking comment. I'll definitely link up!

  3. Will you post a tweet when you create the linky button for "Why I…"? That's how I remember what I"m doing each day – the linky buttons in my sidebar.


  4. I will come link up, if I remember next week, I like the twitter reminder idea, I do follow you on twitter. I just wrote a Why I post on my Freak of Gastric Bypass blog. Perfect for linking.

  5. I'm so excited for this! I'm already cooking up something called "Why I'm not afraid to say I was a teen mom".

    I will definitely need a reminder next week, though.

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