Ten Things I Didn’t Expect to Do in the Past Week, But I Did

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1. Hide in my neighbors‘ basement with my kids because we don’t have a basement or any room without a window. And I could not imagine trying to sit in the hallway with Libbie and have her stay there.

2. Hide in a closet at my friend Stacy‘s house while our dinner got cold (but hey, at least we got to cook dinner and still had a great meal together … after that wave of the storm).

3. Listen to a weather radio go off approximately 800 times in the course of a few hours.

4. Call my dad and say, “Hey dad, we’re OK, we don’t have power, we’re at a friend’s house” and have him say, “Huh?”

5. Be online only a few times over the course of four days and live to tell about it.

6. Play Scrabble with my husband by candlelight.

7. See my neighbor’s house absolutely crushed by a tree.

8. Be so relieved that we had an enormous, dead tree removed from our front yard this fall.

9. Clean out my refrigerator of all but a few things.

10. Get to sleep in at a friend’s house (after being up with David every two hours) as she claimed my son and then made us crepes. (She is a saint!!!)

Well, that’s our storm recap. Were any of you affected by these tornadoes that whipped through the South last week?

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7 thoughts on “Ten Things I Didn’t Expect to Do in the Past Week, But I Did

  1. So glad you made it through the storms! My family did as well. I head to Alabama on Sunday. I'm hoping to volunteer for the relief efforts while I'm there.

  2. My week sounds a lot like yours. I woke up to a text from my dad at 4:30 am from my dad asking if we were okay- woke again at 6 to the first of many sirens and lost power that evening after our area got slammed with 6 (I've heard rumors of more) tornadoes that wiped out all high voltage power lines. I've never experienced anything like it. Thankfully, we didn't have any damage unlike many of our friends, but there is so much destruction. It's almost enough to make me pack my bags and head out of Alabama and back to Ohio. Glad to hear you're safe and sound.

  3. I'm so glad you guys are okay, sweetie! I was worried about you this past week, when I knew why you weren't online. I'm glad your house is good, if a little empty in the refrigerator…

  4. Glad to hear you're OK. I'm far away from the storms, but have family and friends in the area. I couldn't get through to anyone for awhile b/c of communications being down. Fortunately, everyone is OK except for minor property damage.

  5. yes, like everyone said…at least you're okay! that must've been so scary! we had some crazy weather here (funnel clouds) but nothing as bad as what some others are going through…

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