BLC Pasta Salad

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Bacon? Mmmm. Lettuce. Good. Tomatoes? Ick. And that, my friends, is why I’ve never had a BLT.

I’m always terribly embarrassed to admit that I don’t like fresh tomatoes. I’ve even been trying to make myself eat them this summer, in things like our Summer Bow-Ties recipe. Honestly, I hate that I don’t love tomatoes!

A summer food that I do love, however, is cucumbers. I came home with a bunch from the farmer’s market last weekend. And the only other person in my house who will eat them is David. (Raw cuke is a great teething toy!)

I’ve been using the cucumbers frenetically, trying to get in all their goodness before they go bad. I knew I wanted to make some kind of pasta salad with them, but it wasn’t until I looked in the fridge that I got inspired and tossed this Bacon, Lettuce, and Cucumber Pasta Salad together! Who needs BLTs when you can have a BLC? If you like tomatoes, you could of course make it a BLTC Pasta Salad!

BLC Pasta Salad

BLC Pasta Salad

Yield: 2 entree servings or 4-6 side servings


  • 2 c. shaped pasta, cooked and cooled (or rinsed with cool water)
  • 2 oz. cheddar cheese, diced or shredded
  • 4 strips bacon, cooked and crumbled
  • 1/2 large cucumber, peeled and diced
  • a handful of lettuce, torn
  • 3 T mayonnaise
  • 2 T ranch dressing
  • 1 T vinegar (I used white vinegar)
  • salt and pepper


Toss together cooled pasta, cheese, cucumber, bacon crumbles, and lettuce. In a small bowl, whisk together mayo, ranch dressing, and vinegar. Pour over pasta mixture and toss. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Refrigerating for a while before serving will help the flavors to meld, but the lettuce won’t be as crunchy. So it’s up to you and your texture preferences. You could stir lettuce in just before serving.

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6 thoughts on “BLC Pasta Salad

  1. I'm with ya on the tomato…I try so hard, but I just don't like them! Cucumber though? Delish! (P.S. My kids are more apt to eat cucumber if I peel it, slice it in half length ways, use a spoon to scoop out the seeds, then slice. It ends up looking like a large cut up piece of celery!)

  2. This looks delicious! Anything with cucumber is awesome! Thank you for sharing this! :} I am visiting from Miz Helen's linky!

  3. I don't like raw tomatoes either so I hear you! I'm on a pasta salad kick too – cucumbers, red peppers and cheese torellini tossed in Italian dressing.

  4. This looks like a great salad. I love tomatoes, but not all the time in everything. Sometimes great in a salad, sometimes I just pick around them. Come on over today and check out our bruschetta recipe.

  5. Ohh – I hate tomatoes as well. This salad, however, sounds delicious! I love a good pasta salad.

    And cucumbers for teething? I'm going to have to file that little gem away.

    Hope you're doing well!

  6. Hi Jessie,
    It is nice to see you today. Your salad looks delicious and we sure would enjoy it. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope to see you next week. Have a great week end!
    Miz Helen

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