The Pieces That Make Me

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I am from 70s yellow tupperware, from Captain Crunch and Bob Evans.
I am from the blue house with blue shutters, painted with friendly hand, wooded, with fluffy purple carpet.
I am from the dogwood tree, the oak that fell during Hurricane Isabel.

I am from jingle bells and jiggly thighs, from Hunt and Wasson and long last name music teachers love.
I am from stomach pains and green thumbs,
From are you sure you want to wear that? and no waking up until 7 on Christmas morning.

I am from Jesus is the answer, and unBaptist Baptists, and falling under water while the words of Isaiah hang in the humid air.

I’m from Germany and Dayton, lima bean casserole and sauerkraut,
From the soldier who swiped Nazi flags, the ones who ran the oil company, he who detested the mean town boys on their fancy bicycles.

I am from cloth-covered albums, ones labeled with the names of 15 grandchildren, from an old violin and a beloved trumpet, from the treasured only son perished in a hospital room, from Silent Night tears.

I am from loss and love, little and plenty, and it carries me to where I go.

Apparently this was a long-forgotten meme that has been resurrected (I found it via Mary on Jennifer and Stephanie‘s blogs). It’s based on a poem, and you can find the template here. If you decide to post one, please leave me the link in the comments!

4 thoughts on “The Pieces That Make Me

  1. Nice! When I was teaching 8th grade, I had my Reading Enrichment class do these poems. They turned out great and the kids had so much fun doing them! I wrote one myself. Maybe I'll try to dig it up and blog it!

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