Why I Took a Blogging Break … And What I Learned

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I was sure that my house would be cleaner if I stopped writing my blog. I was wrong.

A while ago, I had reached a point where I was dreading coming up with something to write here. For me, that is when I know I need a break. I look back at times when my writing flowed so freely and am jealous – of myself!

I am such an internal processor, and I think that is what makes me a writer. It takes me time to work out my thoughts and balance emotions with sane thought. Often I am just writing my heart here, figuring out things for myself and hoping to send across the message that Christian women don’t have to be perfect. We’re not. None of us. Some just hide it better than others.

It seems I am alternately overflowing with words and dry as a desert. Sometimes I look at prompts or carnivals and try to get inspired. But my number one rule is not to force myself to write. I don’t believe force creates authentic, good prose.

My break was good and bad. It was good to not feel like I needed to be on the computer nonstop. It was good to spend more time at night with my husband.

I quickly discovered, however, that the blog is not my main time suck. It’s a combination of obsessive e-mail checking, Facebook, and Twitter. Of walking by the computer and thinking I’ll just check my e-mail and instead spending time clicking through various things and spending 20 minutes online while my children run amuck.

Toward the end of June, the blog break combined with a vacation started to result in less time on Twitter, Skype, and other various sites. I enjoyed the feeling of freedom. I am still living there.

But did not blogging make me a better wife, mother, or housekeeper? Not really. So I have to face the fact it’s other distractions that keep me from excelling in those roles. It’s something I don’t like to face, but I certainly need to.

For now, I’m glad to be back. I have a lot to write about, including a series on doing Disney with a toddler and baby, how I ran a 5k, and hopefully about successful and quick potty training (we’re in day 2 of potty boot camp!). Hope you’ll stick around here with me as we live life imperfectly.


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6 thoughts on “Why I Took a Blogging Break … And What I Learned

  1. Email is most definitely the biggest time suck for me, too.

    I do my best when I set the timer and don't exceed that amount of time on email. For a while I was doing two 10 minute stints each day. The problem is that after a few days, my inbox was so full that I needed to have at least a solid hour to get through all that had built up. The second problem is that I really missed it. That's the hard truth…I like being distracted from parenting, sometimes. Not really sure what to do with that…

  2. I also think that my biggest time suck isn't actually blogging. I love reading blogs and subscribe to them by email. I love reading my email so that is probably my biggest time suck. Next is probably twitter, reading others tweets and not always actually tweeting myself. I'm glad you found yourself refreshed after your break and look forward to reading more posts now :).

  3. I think many of us need blogging breaks every once in a while…

    I try to do most of my blogging when everyone is sleeping in the morning and at night so I have time during the day to do stuff for my family.

  4. We all need our breaks. I found my biggest time suck was being pulled into the facebook apps. I have tried setting a timer for facebook and twitter. I look forward to hearing more about how your potty training works. We have been trying with our littlest one with no success.

  5. Found you on Sunday's Best and can't wait to read more… and I agree, I find myself wasting more time just putzing around online than anything else. I am a Vanderbilt Daughter,newly following you and would love you to come see me sometime! Orangies Attic

  6. Ohhh, this is such a good reminder to me! I took a 60+ day facebook break, and it was A-MAZING. But I also found that my main time suck wasn't facebook!

    Thanks for reminding me that sometimes, it's not the computer that takes me away from my family, it's everything else I heap on top of myself to become "perfect".

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