Embracing My Own Style

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I’ve always thought I just had no style. I almost never like the outfits I throw together – every now and again I find an outfit I love and wear it again and again.

It turns out with the event of Pinterest, I do have a style. I know what I like. I just don’t ever spend the money to buy it, or have a notion enough to look for it secondhand. I’m sort of excited to find that I know what I like and what I don’t like. From pinning this and that, here’s what I’ve discovered.

I love ruffles and feminine touches. I love rich colors like turquoise and purple as well as gray and black mixed in.

I’m crazy about cardigans, which work well with my figure, and about funky flats. (I don’t wear heels much because of my back; and after my chiropractor visit today I am wondering if I ever should again.)

And I really like some floral touches here and there.

I’m kind of excited to know this, finally: I DO HAVE STYLE!! It’s just hidden under a lack of funds (which is no excuse for the creative!) and lazyness.

Do you have any key fall pieces you’re itching to get? Right now I’m hoping to find a few gorgeous cardigans to add to a couple I have and love, a good jacket, a some fun necklaces, and a nice pair of gray flats.

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9 thoughts on “Embracing My Own Style

  1. Jessie! I kind of feel the same way! I need to cut those pictures out that I pin & just carry them around like a flash card set:)

  2. I like your style a lot and I think it suits you well!

    Here's how I see it. You have to wear clothes. You can't just walk around nekkid in public. So. You must buy clothes at some point.

    When you do so in the future, be very deliberate about what you buy — things that fit your style and things that you can get a lot of mileage out of. Thrift stores and sales can really help!

    Also, I will try to take the suggestion I gave to you. My style could really use some help. I, too, like cardigans and flats and also scarves. Suddenly I'm excited for fall!

  3. Oh, and I didn't answer your question. On the list of must-get items this year: new pair of snow boots! I threw mine out at the end of last winter. They did me well for like 7 winters or so, but they were really starting to wear out.

    Didn't have any luck at finding a replacement during end-of-season sales, probably because i was a bit of a shopping dud in Feb/March. I blame the newborn.

    Style-wise, I am starting to really see the value of accessories. Cute shoes, a great scarf, a belt. Those things can make a T and jeans look so polished!

  4. Funny, Pinterest is inspiring me to kick up my style as well. 🙂 Inspired by a pin, I just bought myself a gray cardigan–I love the idea of changing it up with different colored tees underneath.

  5. Great outfits! Have you checked out the book "Good Girls Don't Have to Dress Bad"? It's a Christian book. It teaches you how to dress for your body type, what colors look best on you, how to build a wardrobe, etc. Very helpful book.

  6. I love those pictures.. but you know the really bad thing about Pinterest? I'm afraid to look over there, because whenever I see pictures from Pinterest on other blogs, I want to buy things. Lol.

  7. Love all that purple…one of my very favorite colors to wear!

    I, too, am very limited in what items I can purchase. It's got to be a real bargain, which is why I stick to the thrift stores. And this, in turn, really limits just how fashion-forward I can be. I am rocking 2008 in 2011, I suppose. 🙂

    But I also feel like I can take more risks by thrift shopping. Yes, it has resulted in some bad purchases (hey, even a $3 top gone unworn is a waste of $3). I'm working on trying to hone in on those looks that flatter, and those that are best left for someone else. Work in progress!

  8. Ah, another cool discovery from pinterest!
    I love love love love the combo of the purple and gray. Beautiful. I love all of those pieces…I think we have the same taste. I never wear heels because they make me taller than my hubby. 🙂

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