The End of Menu Plan Monday?

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Could it be the end of Menu Plan Mondays at Vanderbilt Wife? Truthfully … I’m not sure.

So here’s what’s happening in our life that’s taking precedence over blogging.

Mr. V and I have hoped and prayed since we found out he got his current job that we would be able to live on campus at the school where he teaches. It is a private school with both boarding and local students, so there are dorms and they have dorm parents.

April and May passed this year, and for the second year we realized we would not be moving onto campus for the fall. We sucked it up and I made plans to paint some of our current rental house, do whatever was needed to make it feel a little more ours.

Two weeks ago, we got word that there “might” be a place for us on campus. It was last Wednesday before we had the affirmation that yes, we would be able to move on for this school year. The school year starts tomorrow, August 22. We were able to start moving in Saturday the 20th.

So, yeah.

Part of the deal of living on-campus and performing dorm parent duties is that our whole family can eat in the dining hall, three meals a day, every day. It blows my mind that I don’t ever have to cook if I don’t want to.

I have a difficult time picturing me being able to get my kids and myself dressed and to the dining hall in time for breakfast. But as for lunch and dinner, I think we’ll eat there most of the time.

It is just such a weird concept to think about not cooking that I can’t quite grasp it. I imagine that I will cook one or two dinners at home a week, but I don’t know. We are simply going to roll with the punches and see how it goes.

I’m thinking that there won’t be a Menu Plan Monday here anymore. And that’s OK. I feel it was mostly for me to keep up with what I needed to cook that week, although it did drive some traffic here.

With the expected lack of cooking, I plan to rev up my baking some. I’ve promised Mr. V that his night of dorm duty each week I will deliver some treat for the students. So perhaps I will feature a weekly “treat” here on VW. I adore baking, but the problem has always been that I like baking more than I should be eating baked goods. It will be great to have teenaged boys I can feed!

We are so excited about this new phase in our life and I can’t wait to share what I can with you.

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10 thoughts on “The End of Menu Plan Monday?

  1. Crazy, no more cooking?!?!
    First, I looked to your blog for inspiration a few weeks back when I was really getting mine started (still in the 'off-the-ground-phase'), and meal plan Monday was one of the things I copied. Thanks for that 🙂
    Also, I totally know what you mean about baking more than you should be eating! I have the same problem!

    Anyhoo, I hope your new living sitch is enjoyable and adventurous!


  2. Congratulations, darling! That will be so exiting for you guys. Now, if your want to cook, you can really take your time and enjoy it.

  3. So happy for you guys and so JEALOUS! I hope that you enjoy your cooked for you meals!!!! Think of the grocery savings!!!! Awesome!!!!

  4. Very exciting! I much prefer baking to cooking (and would LOVE to have a dining hall feed me 3 times a day) so I look forward to reading about your baking adventures!

  5. Very exciting! Having worked in a dorm in college, I'm sure the traffic you loose on the blog from menu planning will be replaced with readers of the dorm antics.

    Sarah L

  6. So wonderful – think of all the relationship-building you can do with the students sharing your meal times! I'm sure you'll find some sort of balance between home cooked and dorm food.

    And….only because I'm a cpa who works at a university, I have to suggest that you be sure to talk to payroll or human resources about the taxability of the meals you take. You may not have to *pay* for the meals directly, but they may be classed as a taxable fringe benefit (would mean more tax withholding 🙁 )

  7. Wow, sounds like a great opportunity! I think most of us are a tiny bit jealous:) I hope it all works out well and hope your move is going smoothly.

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