Recipes I’ve Tried, Vol. 3

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Vietnamese Roasted Chicken Thighs – I used skinless thighs, so I didn’t bother with the aluminum foil balls on the bottom of the slow cooker. Really a fantastic and simple dish, with ingredients I usually have on hand. (Once you buy a bottle of fish sauce, you have to TRY to use it up. It’s used only sparingly in recipes but has a wonderful effect. I think the Big Important Chefs call it umami.)

Garlic Chicken Pasta – I thought this was a great, basic recipe that I might go back to again and again. It’s fairly rich and I felt the addition of a vegetable would be helpful to break up the creaminess. I chopped up some tiny pieces of frozen cauliflower and broccoli and added them to the mix; they were so small Libbie couldn’t pick them out, so she ate vegetables! One point for Mom!

Balsamic Onion Pot Roast in the Slow Cooker – Kalyn’s Kitchen is starting to be one of my go-to places for awesome recipes. As a plus, her recipes are usually healthful and lower carb. I thought this pot roast was very flavorful, although my onions stayed nowhere near as in tact as hers did in the picture. That’s OK, though, I love cooked sweet onion!

Batter-Dipped Chicken Sandwiches – These had excellent flavor, but my chicken breasts turned out a little like a pancake on the outside as opposed to looking like JessieLeigh’s pictures. I think maybe my batter was too thick or I didn’t shake it off well enough. I will most definitely give them another try! I loved them on homemade whole wheat buns with mayo and dill pickles (just like I like my Chick Fil-a!).

Have you tried any good recipes lately?

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