Review Week: The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby

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Don’t you love to read at least one pregnancy book when you’re expecting, no matter how many times you’ve brought a baby into the world? I’ve only had two, but my craving for the sympathies of other gigantic bellies was no less with my second than with my first.

The difference for me was that the first time I read what I thought would be helpful: What to Expect When You’re Expecting (blech), Your Pregnancy Week by Week (EVEN WORSE), The Birth Book (eight thumbs up). And, OK, I also read The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy … which I kind of hated, despite everyone’s comments on its humor.

With my second pregnancy, I read The Birth Book again. I read Hypnobabies material. I read It Sucked and Then I Cried. I was really trying to prepare myself to have a natural birth … and for the reality I knew was coming.

The Christian Mama's Guide to Having a Baby: Everything You Need to Know to Survive (and Love) Your PregnancyI wish The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby had been out when I was pregnant with David. It was the kind of lighthearted, light reading that I craved from someone who had been there but wasn’t a medical expert. The Girlfriend’s Guide without the cynicism and ranting opinions.

Author Erin MacPherson is “just” a stay-at-home mom of two in Texas who felt there was a gap in pregnancy literature: something specifically for Christian moms-to-be. Her guide is published by Guideposts.

Although the Christian Mama’s Guide is really geared toward first-time moms, I enjoyed reading it (a few months after David’s birth!). I guess all moms get some enjoyment or at least sadistic pleasure reading about other mamas’ pregnancies and childbirths. (It helps me to know that despite the fact I am a miserable pregnant woman, there could have been a lot of other issues.)

Erin covers everything from peeing on the stick to bringing the baby home. She writes conversationally and isn’t afraid to admit where she is not an expert. One of the more enjoyable sections for me was where she interviewed men on what they wanted women to tell them during the pregnancy and birth.

Sometimes the “Christian” add-ins seem trite, but we can always use a good reminder to pray, especially when it comes to our children, right? Another section that just made me laugh was on naming. The author pretty much says, “You should never name a child with this category of names … unless it’s this, this, or this, because I like those.” Refer to a naming book or site if you really want some help with that. (Or, God forbid, just go with something you like or has meaning to you.)

But all in all, I enjoyed the read and it’s the kind of thing you want to peruse during those long, hot baths to help your aching, pregnant back. (But not too hot. We wouldn’t want to boil the baby.)

What kind of pregnancy books do you like to read when you’re expecting?

This book was provided to me by the author.
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4 thoughts on “Review Week: The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby

  1. I actually loved the Girlfriends Guide-but I hear you about the ranting. And I really didn't like some of her follow-up books-one I actually threw out b/c of the irreverence.
    I found the novelty of reading about pregnancy did wear off for me last time(#5) but maybe I just needed some new books!!

  2. At first I loved the Girlfriends' Guide, but then I hated it when I read it again. It just wasn't funny to me once I knew more about stuff, and I didn't appreciate her anti-natural birth and anti-breastfeeding jokes. Just not helpful. Harmful, even.

    I like Ina May's Guide to Natural Childbirth. Can't go wrong with Ina May!

  3. I loved the Big Book of Birth. It's not about pregnancy, but just birth (probably obvious by its title). It gave me much more confidence than anything else I read.

    I remember enjoying the weekly updates that baby center sent via email about my pregnancy. I found them to be just as informative as the week-by-week book I was reading (and I can't remember what the title was!)

  4. Thanks for the recommendations! Got this post in my RSS Feed the other day – hoped that I'd need it, not realizing that I was already pregnant (got my positive today!) I'll be checking these out!

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