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Remember last Friday, when I said I had a huge freelance project coming? It came! Just in case you didn’t notice my lack of posting this week. That and the huge amount of freezer cooking I’ve done have definitely cramped my blogging time (and my back, unfortunately).

I haven’t had much time for blog-reading this week either, obviously, but here are a few things, old and new, you might take the time to read!

  • Homemade Non-Toxic Liquid Hand Soap – Laura’s blog has the BEST ideas. And simple!
  • How to Decorate Sesame Street Cupcakes at Annie’s Eats – So cute! Maybe fun for a half-birthday party or a little first-day-of-(pre)school celebration at home? Annie’s Sesame Street party made me laugh a little. I stole a lot of her ideas for our Dr. Seuss party last year, and Libbie would like nothing more than a Sesame Street party!  
  • I am super in love with this lace-trimmed pillowcase nightgown from iCandy Handmade. The pattern has been sent on to my mother-in-law … because I can’t sew. 
  • And lastly, I leave you this, which Karla shared on Twitter today:

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