I Can’t Hear You, I’m Buried Under a Stack of Mail.

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Messy office
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I think the act of pile-making must be hereditary. That, or I just want to blame it on someone else. (Hi, Mom. It’s not your fault.)

Some people clean: really clean. Everything has a place. And the rest of us, we pile.

Stacks of paid bills go on top of the filing cabinet (or, in our case, box of folders next to the computer). Mail is placed on any clear and flat surface. Right now, clean clothes are stacked because I don’t know where my hangers are in the midst of moving. Unopened boxes act as a resting place for my coffee cup, camera, and a choir CD. I compulsively make and destroy piles on my dresser until there is no space left for useful things, like a hairbrush or framed photo.

I don’t know whether piling is a learned behavior or not, but it is something I recall as a constant in my childhood and it’s remained a constant in my grown-up life.

I hate piles.

Do you have a method for getting things back to where they belong? (Or making a place? Or tossing?) I don’t want my kids to grow up to be pile-makers, too, so I think it’s just about time to nip this one in the bud.

Just let me set my cup down on that stack of books first …

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9 thoughts on “I Can’t Hear You, I’m Buried Under a Stack of Mail.

  1. I got excited for a moment – the photo has a mug from the student union coffee house at my alma mater (don't think it exists anymore). But then I saw it wasn't your photo. LOL

    I am totally a pile maker it is an illness. Now that I am selling my house, I keep shoving my piles into drawers and cabinets and forgetting about them. I'm losing important stuff – it is a mess!

  2. I'm a tosser – but last week I tossed out a bill that took my husband 30 minutes to call and find out how much it was and where to pay it – Maybe little piles aren't too bad? 😉

  3. recycling folders and card board boxes and writing on them with a big sharpie (i.e."paper to be shredded") is my current favorite organizational tool. Whether it works is another matter.
    I am a pile person at heart and so is my husband– but with two of us the piles quickly get overwhelming, it is a constant battle.

  4. I read an organizational book a while back that said that one of the best ways to avoid the piles of "I need to put this away" stuff was to make the "away" place close to where you use the thing. Hence, my living room lamp bases are little bookcases, because that's where I read and leave books. Mail to be dealt with goes in a basket hanging on the wall (near the wastebasket, the better to immediately dump junk mail) that also holds the checkbook and a pen.

    But I still have piles…

  5. That made me laugh out loud. I HATE piles and within a few days our kitchen counters/my desk at the home office/my desk at my office/ our car/ the bedroom nightstands can be covered! Oh my goodness. It's like gremlins they multiply after midnight. I want to know what you best tip was and if it worked. PLEASE!

  6. I'm pretty sure this is me, I just don't remember writing this… 🙂 I hate the piles, I just can't seem to get rid of them. I've lost all hope of ever having a cleared dresser. Also, in order to solve the coffee table pile up, we got rid of it.

  7. AKDSLFJSDLFKJ!!! I HATE piles!!! I make them all the time and it drives me insane!! I'm trying to contain them, but I'm having a hard time. I recently bought those hanging file things (like they have at doctor's offices) to hang on the wall next to my kitchen table, and I put a hook next to them, and that's where one pile went (it was a huge pile, too)…. all my devotionals, books, notebooks, mail, etc. go in the wall files and my Bible (in it's case) hangs on the hook next to it. That got rid of one pile! I have my third baby coming in 3 weeks and I desperately want to get the piles under control before then, but I'm having such a hard time!

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