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Last weekend, I went on a women’s retreat with some ladies from my church. It was a last-minute decision; I had been hesitant because we’re still moving things from our house. But a few days before, I decided I couldn’t NOT go. I needed some female fellowship. I can’t complain about not having friends if I don’t try to make some.

One the last sessions I went to, a dear woman shared about Paul’s thorn in the flesh — and what she believed her own thorn to be. Word by word, she picked apart Paul’s writings and examined the passage.

I shared that I feel my thorn is depression. It is a constant plague to me, for the most part, and some days it takes over my brain, seemingly acting from its own will. It sure feels thorny.

Seeing it as a thorn, though, allowed by God gives me a new perspective. Because of depression, some days I have to believe things I know to be true even when I don’t feel them. I have to decide each day that the joy of the Lord IS my strength. It doesn’t matter how I feel that particular day. I choose joy.

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4 thoughts on “Joy {Five Minute Friday}

  1. I imagine that thorn can be helping others.
    You seems so honest and vulnerable about it.
    That isn't a place others with depression are coming from… you can help them.
    You seem to have a great perspective… you could change the lives of many women!

  2. Thank you for beautifully modeling your faith in God by choosing to trust Him even when the feelings are not there. So glad to hear that it sounds like the women's retreat touched your heart.

    Praying that God would provide sisters/friends for you… you are so right about the importance of friends.

  3. I love that you choose joy. That decision is one of the hardest ones I make some days, because choosing joy means choosing to get out of bed and actually face the day… And your faith in choosing to follow even when you can't feel or properly believe what you know to be Truth is incredible, and something I struggle with. Praying joy for you 🙂

  4. Choosing joy is hard when depressed. I so understand. I went to women's retreat last weekend also… it was so encouraging being around other women of faith. Thank you for your transparency and for sharing your heart.

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