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I keep promising and not following through on telling you what’s going on. I have a post in drafts. It’s ticker tape in my head, the words coming together in fragments. But it’s not quite time yet. We don’t know fully what’s happening, so it’s not for me to share yet.

Deal with me. I love you!

Here’s what I read this week that I think you should read!

  • Pumpkin Spice Lattes (On a Budget) at Once a Month Mom – I might be the only person ever who does not like the famed PSLs at Starbucks. But if you do, this seems like a great method to only have to cook once but get to enjoy one all week. I’m sure I could alter it to be something I DO like with coffee.
  • Dear Photograph – love this site. Wish I lived closer to where I grew up, so I could do this!
  • Efficient Homemade Baby Food – One of the best tutorials I’ve ever seen on making and freezing baby food. 
  • Fashion Inspiration: Belle from Beauty and the Beast – I came across this while trying to plan a little Belle birthday for Libbie. I love the idea of taking inspiration from a character, an animated one at that. 
  • Lessons from a Bloggy Break at OhAmanda – Yep. That. I haven’t been taking a bloggy break, really, but only writing when I want to. It works.
  • Faith Is Not Belief at A Deeper Story

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all.

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