31 Days of Reading Well: Day 12

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Don’t you love a series that just seems to let you settle down in a warm place and feel at home? I like to read great, New York Times bestseller kind of books. I like to read heady novels. I like to read nonfiction and memoirs and books that are spiritual aids.

But I really love to read a feel-good series.

I really am going to dedicate a whole post to my adoration of the books of Robin Jones Gunn, but I couldn’t write this one without including her Glenbrooke series. It’s an eight-book series that all have some connection to the tiny town of Glenbrooke, Oregon. Gunn writes real romance, from e-mail pen pals to long-lost loves to married couples grown apart. I love the span of ages and stages throughout these novels (and the little connections to the Christy and Sierra books by Gunn). The first book in the series is Secrets. {Just writing this, I want to go reread them all right now!}

The Mitford books are much-beloved, of course. I read them for the first time last summer, and I zoomed through all of the novels. I love that the romance is real and between an older couple, that Father Tim had faults and doubts; but most of all I loved that Karon really worked to show the power of faith in action in the community. I felt like a few of the novels were really glorified novellas and a bit of a cop-out, but the full-length novels are excellent and fun to read. If you want to read a stack of books while sipping hot tea this winter, these are the best choice.

The series that ignited this post is the Heavenly Daze books by Angela Hunt and Lori Copeland. These five books deal with the lives of the inhabitants of the Island of Heavenly Daze – an island peculiarly also inhabited by protective angels. While the spiritual aspect to these is indeed very interesting, they are mostly the details of normal human life in a secluded setting. From the crochety old aunt to the child art prodigy, you’ll love those who occupy the Island of Heavenly Daze. I am so sad there are only five books in this collection!

One final series that was WAY better than I expected it to be is the Wortham Family/Country Road Chronicles series by Leisha Kelly. The series begins in the Great Depression, when Sam Wortham loses his job and his family flees their home on foot, hoping to find work with a cousin in another state. Sam and Julia find themselves occupying an old farm with their two children, working the land and living on faith and what they can find. Their neighbors, the unruly and wild Hammonds, often “share” their numerous children with the Worthams.

The books follow the two families as they grow, merge, and converge. Through tragedy and triumph, matriarch Julia looks to God’s leading. The stories are simple yet conveyed beautifully; I am desolate to have to share that there will be no more books from this incredible author, as she and her son passed away in a car accident earlier this year.

Do you have a go-to series that you love and love to recommend?

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3 thoughts on “31 Days of Reading Well: Day 12

  1. I love all these books. I can't believe I have read them all, too. My favorite had to be the first one in the Leisha Kelly series. Thank you for introducing me to them. I am waiting for the last book in a Debbie Macomber series. They aren't "Christian" books but I feel like I know the people of Cedar Cove. Excellent light reading.

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