31 Days of Reading Well: Day 2

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Do you have books that you just adore … and then you pass them onto your friends and they are just not a hit?

It makes me very sad when that happens. A Prayer for Owen Meany has fallen into that category for me. So has One Hundred Years of Solitude.

But the one that gets the most people saying, “Huh? You liked this?” is Saint Maybe by Anne Tyler.

I love that Tyler only writes one novel every four to five years. That convinces me that she really puts passion, research, and thought into each and every one. Her novels are filled with ordinary people in less than extraordinary situations, but she manages to make each character fascinating.

Saint Maybe is about a family and a church. A normal teenager, a new college man, feels responsible for the death of his brother and sister-in-law and becomes guardian to their three children. The tale intertwines the everyday family life with the rules of the cult-like church.

It’s a book I love to read and re-read. It’s hit a note with me since I was 16 years old, and something about the ending and the conflict of rules and religion continues to resonate.

But don’t say I didn’t warn you if you read it and hate it, OK?

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8 thoughts on “31 Days of Reading Well: Day 2

  1. Love the idea of this series! Thanks! I just ordered this one from Paperback Book Swap, though I have quite a backlog to read through.

  2. Owen Meany is my all-time favorite. I have a hard time when people don't love it as much as I do. I've read other Tyler books but not this one in particular. I'm adding it to my To Read list!

  3. I loved both of those, although the excessive politics in Owen Meany kept it from being perfect. We read One Hundred Years of Solitude for book club a while back, and I was one of the only ones to like it:) I am going to get Saint Maybe from the library next time I go. Have I ever recommended The Shadow of the Wind? That is one of my favorites of all time.

  4. Dear Number 388,

    I love 100 Years, which I think you told me to read. I also remember your love of Anne Tyler, which I sometimes share. Isn't it funny how books we read as young people stick with us into our adult lives? I still heart Gone With the Wind, which I read every summer from the time I was about 11 until well into my twenties. Great choice for the 31 Day challenge; I can't wait to see what you recommend!

    Number 574

  5. I haven't read this book by Anne Tyler, but I have enjoyed the other books by her that I have read.
    I agree with you about enjoying authors that take time with each book that they write.

  6. If you like Owen Meany and 100 Years, you should have been in my college lit class. We read both of those. That was such a great class. I like them both! So, maybe I'll have to try Saint Maybe

    Sarah L

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