31 Days of Reading Well: Day 23

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A Short Ode to Robin Jones Gunn

Is there an author that always manages to touch your heart, no matter what she or he writes?

That’s how I feel about Robin Jones Gunn.

I was really too old for them when I started reading the Christy Miller series. I think I was probably in college. It’s a 12-book series of skinny volumes; I could read the whole series in a day now. We follow Christy through her teenaged years, as she moves from Wisconsin to California, through the ins and outs of her (mild) teen angst, relationships, and love for God.

Sometimes a little too perfect, Christy still deals with all the normal aspects of being a teen: fighting with her parents, getting a part-time job, unrequited love, troubles with her friends.

Gunn really captures the essence of a teenager who grew up in the church but didn’t really know Jesus until she was older. Through the series, the central plot is God’s wooing of Christy and how that plays into her life.

After I read the Christy books, I immediately jumped in the Glenbrooke series, which is Christy for grown-ups. Real women, real problems, lots of romance with many different angles. Yes, they are romance books, but still the main point is about healing your relationship with God above all else.

It’s what makes Robin Jones Gunn just a little bit different. Her books aren’t just fluffy romance with a little church thrown in, like many Christian fiction books are. It’s obvious that her heart is to bring women of all ages closer to their Heavenly Father.

I’ll confess I find the Sisterchicks books a little more cheesy, but still something draws me to read everything Gunn writes. The Katie books, a spin-off involving Christy’s best friend, are pure fun and a delight to read. The Sierra books offer another look at Christy’s group of friends and a younger teen’s thoughts. (And I know Gunn has even written a children’s series, although I haven’t read any of those yet!)

Don’t you love it when your favorite author has a zillion books to read? It’s so convenient.

Who’s your favorite author?

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