31 Days of Reading Well: Day 8

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I made it to Day 8! Without missing a day, even with mastitis and two little ones.


Are you attracted to other people’s bookshelves as soon as you enter their home? I totally am. Some people might survey a DVD collection; I go straight to the shelves to survey reading tastes.


At the “Vanderbilt” home, we have three bookcases. We’ve always been overflowing with books, and with the kids’ books it’s even more ridiculous. I have given away a ton of books just to try to trim down. We cleared out enough space on this big bookshelf to have three empty shelves: two for kids’ books and one for photos/picture albums.

This bookshelf houses my personal collection. I don’t hold onto a ton of books after I’ve read them unless I think I will reread them several times. So most of these are favorites or books I haven’t gotten around to. My Maeve Binchy and Robin Jones Gunn books take up the most space.


This second shelf was in Libbie’s room in our old house; now it’s in the hallway. But it’s the designated kids’ shelf and also gave a new home to my cookbooks. Yes, it’s a mess. But it’s a sign of a well-read bookshelf, right?

Sadly, our third bookshelf is not set up yet here. It’s a crazy little adjustable-shelf thing Mr. V used as an entertainment center in high school and college. (And in our first apartment after we got married!) It’s not pretty, but it works.

But, like I said, not set up yet. It will also have to go in the hallway here. So here’s what it looks like right now.


I need a pedicure.

That shelf usually holds Mr. V’s permanent collection of Michael Crichton, Orson Scott Card, Isaac Asimov, CS Lewis, and other various sci-fi; our Harry Potter Books; my Christy Miller books; some Bible studies I worked on; and other miscellaneous tomes that are on the to-be-read list. (Although I have read both Power of a Praying Wife and Fearless.)

So that’s what you’d find on my shelves. What would I find on yours?

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4 thoughts on “31 Days of Reading Well: Day 8

  1. My bookshelf is full of book I haven't read yet. Once I've read a book, unless it is REALLY special, I pass it on. Every now and then I love a book enough that I hold on to it or more likely pass it on and then go buy another copy to keep. My MIL passes all of her books on to me and they go on my book shelf until read them then I pass them on to my friends. I have a few work books and textbooks that hang around. A couple of old books and a couple of pretty leather bound books. Otherwise it is just a few well work paperbacks that I love.

  2. After this thirty one day stuff is over, I think I'll take photos of my bookshelves too. They should publish around Halloween, since they are a scary sight.

    I loved Grandpa's marquetry on the shelf. Hugs and kisses to all and I'm glad you are feeling better.

  3. I love looking at people's bookshelves! Mine is fairly sparse on purpose. I just have one 3-shelf case. I'd gotten rid of lots of books before each of our moves but now I won't be so picky about it.

    Mostly I have nonfiction that I keep around, and children's books. I started collecting some children's novels that I'll read to them later, such as the Little House series.

    Of my own books, lots of Christian resources, some financial stuff and misc. But I'd say 95% of my stuff is nonfiction.

    Oh and don't forget to anchor those shelves to the wall (can't tell if you already did) in case a kid of your own or a visiting kid decides to see what happens if he/she uses the shelves as a ladder. Eep.


  4. I have Christian fiction, biographies, various classics, history books, and a couple books on critical theory for literature {they're for school}.

    And yes, like you, I always like to look at people's bookshelves!

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