31 Days of Reading Well: Day 9, Bibles and Devotionals

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“He cared for them [the Israelites] with a true heart and led them with skillful hands.” Psalm 78:72

The same skillful hands that led the Israelites lead me today. A wondrous thought! Am I as precious to Him as they? I know the answer – it’s found in a Love Letter and nailed, scarred hands and feet.

I wonder if He is ever impatient, full of fire at our tactless lethargy. Has it really taken us more than two thousand years to spread His Gospel to all people?

Where the God of Jeremiah had righteous anger, where He literally saw blood – the spilt blood of Israel – He now sees just The Blood. Blood of His lamb. The only sacrifice that made Him breathe deeply and say, “Yes. That. Is. Enough.” Thank You, Jesus.

Black as my sins were,
He said, “I will take them
Pound them to My feet
Push them to My skull
Anchor Me to the cross
For your communion
Your atonement
Your redemption
    – Your chance.”


I share these thoughts from my journal yesterday to say this: read the Bible. It’s the only Book that is different each time you read, enlightened by the Holy Spirit and circumstance.

It is a beautiful love story, the story of God’s pursuit of you and the events He knit to make sure you would be with Him.

I use a MacArthur Study Bible that I love. It’s been a long time since I had a study Bible, and I really enjoy having the notes and concordance right there to read. I’ve always admired John MacArthur. I don’t always agree 100% with his commentary, but it does help enlighten many of the historical and etymological issues.

I’ve also been reading from the One Year Bible for Women. I guess the pinkness and lovely designs inside make it “for women.” It’s just your basic one-year Bible, but I think the length and mixture of each day’s reading is good.

I am not a huge devotional reader, but I do pick up My Utmost for His Highest every once in a while. This is one area where I really do think I would like to have a Kindle or other e-reader, so I could read when I have a chance: waiting in a parking lot to get Libbie from preschool, waiting at doctor appointments, etc. I’ve heard such high praise of Jesus Calling that I would like to pick that one up someday soon.

Do you have a favorite Bible translation, study Bible, or devotional?

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One thought on “31 Days of Reading Well: Day 9, Bibles and Devotionals

  1. When I read the Bible in 90 days plan, I did the NIV translation and enjoyed it a lot.

    The second time I read it through, I did the ESV. I LOVE this translation and it is my new favorite. I love the beauty of the language choices, the flow, and it's easy for me to understand. I also believe it's just plain a good translation from the original languages so that's good.

    I own a MacArthur study Bible in the ESV translation but I'm usually reading in the Word electronically these days so I haven' had it handy.

    I also own a study Bible in the KJV translation that is from Moody, I think. KJV is just hard for me to understand.

    I think there is benefit from using multiple reliable translations. The next time I read through, I might go with a third option. I dunno.

    I'm doing a New Testament in 90ish days plan right now that has me reading through the 4 gospels and then Acts – Revelation simultaneously. I'm enjoying this plan a lot. The plan is available on youversion.com if you're interested.

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