31 Days of Reading Well: An Introduction

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I really, desperately wanted to participate in the 31 Days Challenge at The Nester. I LOVED her posts last year on 31 Days to a Less Messy Nest (whether I put them into practice is a whole other story, of course).

But I honestly could not think of anything I could write about for 31 days in a row. I’m pretty sure y’all don’t want to hear 31 posts about how cute my baby is. (Except you, Mom.) I played with the idea of doing 31 new recipes, but that would involve a LOT of cooking I might not have time to do.

And then, this morning, I thought: BOOKS. I love to talk about books more than anything. Good books, bad books, old books, new books …

So you’re going to be blessed with 30 posts about my favorite books. I hope you’ll join in the conversation, get some new reading ideas, and find out a little bit about what makes me tick. You are what you eat? Nah. You are what you read.

If you’re not a reader, feel free to ignore my October posts. I hope you’ll stick around and stay subscribed; I’ll probably throw in a few normal posts here and there. My daughter’s third birthday is this month and I have some peculiar party planning to do. And I actually do have to cook during Fall Break, so some new recipes might be out there, too.

Looking forward to spending this month with you. What better time is there than Fall to drink coffee or hot cider, curl under a blanket, and read (while your husband watches football and your kids are asleep? So, like, for ten minutes)?

You can see the rest of the 31 Days bloggers at The Nester today.

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6 thoughts on “31 Days of Reading Well: An Introduction

  1. I'm a book nut, myself. Looking forward to this! I read one of your recommendations awhile back — Heaven Is For Real — and enjoyed it a lot.

    Do you download free books for Kindle? I do that alllll the time and now that it's under $100, I just might get myself one sometime.

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