Books to Start Conversations about Jesus and Faith with Your Young Kids

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{31 Days of Reading Well: Day 18}

It gripped me this year as school began that I only had three years left with Libbie truly under my wings; she will be almost 6 by the time she goes to kindergarten but still, it doesn’t seem long enough! We love reading together and I try to make a point of choosing some books that open spiritual conversations with her.

Here are seven that I love (including some series, so really, a lot more!) and three that I think I would love.

1. Gigi, God’s Little Princess series (and I would assume Will, God’s Mighty Warrior series as well) – I love the OH SO PINK illustrations in the Gigi books as well as the message. Mr. V tells Libbie every night now, “Good night, princess. Sweet dreams.” I just love Sheila Walsh’s sense of humor that makes these books readable for parents, too.

2. The Parable of the Lily by Liz Curtis Higgs – A recommendation from Amanda (as MANY of these have been!), this book is an Easter parable by prolific author Higgs (see my review of Mine Is the Night here).  A daughter is given a gift that she finds pretty worthless: a flower bulb in a crate of dirt. But she finds out maybe it was the most beautiful gift of all.

3. Miss Fannie’s Hat by Jan Karon – Yes, I linked to my post about this yesterday. It still needed to go here! More pink, more fun, great Bible verse to memorize, wonderful lesson about giving.

4. Just Like Jesus Said series by Melody Carlson – Melody Carlson is another author who writes for children, teens, and adults. This set of four books convey stories in rhyme and help teach basic Bible lessons: sharing, caring, giving.

5. My ABC Bible Verses by Susan Hunt – We haven’t been real methodical about this book yet, especially since the stories are longer with only one picture. Plus, the Bible verses are in KJV. But it teaches practical lessons and I like the idea of doing letter Bible verses! (And we’re going to do these alphabet Scripture cards from I Can Teach My Child, definitely!)

6. Jesus Storybook Bible – Sometimes I wish that EVERY Bible story were in this wonderful Bible. But otherwise, it’s pretty perfect. Every single story points to Jesus and His salvation of the world. Stories are usually three to four pages long, perfect for bedtime. And having Libbie come up to me and say, “Will you read me the Bible?” is just … perfect!

7. God Thinks You’re Wonderful by Max Lucado – Libbie has yet to sit through this entire book, but it’s a sweet concept and I am sure she will with a few more months. It’s so Lucado – the line about “if God had a refrigerator, He would hang your picture on it” just makes me smile!

I’m sure I will think of a zillion other books as soon as I hit publish, but that’s all I can think of for now … but here are three more I haven’t read but think would be great:

8. Humphrey’s First Christmas by Carol Heyer

9. What Is Easter? by Michelle Medlock Adams

10. Heaven, God’s Promise for Me by Anne Graham Lotz

What are your favorite Christ-centered books to read to your kids?

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6 thoughts on “Books to Start Conversations about Jesus and Faith with Your Young Kids

  1. these are all great books. and you're right about Will the Mighty Warrior. it is one of my son's favorites (age 3). i would add some of MasterBooks books to the list too, about dinosaurs and creation. 🙂

  2. We love the Jesus Storybook Bible! and I think i want to add some of these to the Christmas wish list!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great list! There's another great one by Liz Curtis Higgs–The Pumpkin Patch Parable. That was my boys' favorite to read every October. And of course there are so many good ones to read at Christmastime. Thank God for Christian authors!

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