Two Babies

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Credit: Portrait Innovations

I remember watching Libbie, sitting in the primary-color bouncy seat, as she grasped a toy. I grinned from ear-to-ear. My mom was there, a rare treat for both of us, and we sat and stared at my months-old princess simply because her fingers were wrapped around a piece of pink plastic.

“Is everything as exciting with your second child?” I asked her. “Do you still get excited about the little things?”

I don’t remember her answer, but now I know.

Credit: Portrait Innovations

With babies are close together in age as mine are, you don’t always have time to notice those first tiny things. I might be elated to find that David was grasping, or self-feeding, or cutting another tooth … if I weren’t putting Libbie in time-out for pulling him around on the carpet by his arms or calming her as she screams that he’s stolen her bowl of cereal yet again.

I was upset that he started dragging himself around on the floor as soon as he learned to sit up on his own; gone were the dreams that he could play by himself for a few minutes. Am I the only mother to bemoan the fact that her child can crawl? Out comes the vacuuming and securing and plastic plug-things and hoping that he just won’t hit his head falling this time.

So maybe the answer is no, it’s not as exciting with the second little one. But here is what I find different.

I cling to his little body, sucking in deep breaths of baby shampoo and snuggling an angel-soft cheek. “Don’t grow up!” I cry, even though of course I don’t mean it. What choice do we have but desire their growth … yet at the same time I find myself hanging on desperately to the baby-ness of him in a way I never knew with his sister.

They can tell you it goes by so fast until it comes out of your ears and you’ll never know until you get there. Until your tiny baby is almost three and sassy and hilarious and more of a girl than a toddler. When you set the two babies side by side and ask yourself, “How on earth did she go from this to that so quickly?”


That’s why I kiss his cheek when he’s nursing. Why I rub his sweet head and tickle tiny feet and take mental photographs of his precious belly button.

Someday I’ll catch a whiff of Aveeno shampoo, or see a baby spit up on his mother’s shirt and think, “How? How is it already gone?” 

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One thought on “Two Babies

  1. With my first two only ten months apart, I feel a little like those early years were a blur of pregnancy and babies. 🙂 With this third little one? I have clung to all the moments. I have sobbed over tiny little socks I was packing up and begged my husband to leave the crib sheets in the linen closet… at least for now. I am so thankful I've been able to cherish these moments this time around. Babies growing up… so bittersweet.

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