A Christmas Baby (No, Not That One.)

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My little David is a Christmas elf. He was born December 20th. When you ask those with Christmas birthdays how they feel about it you get one of two responses. Either, “I love it! I always have family around then!” or “I HATE IT SO MUCH MY PARENTS MUST DESPISE ME TO HAVE CONCEIVED ME IN MARCH AND I CELEBRATE IN JUNE.” Well then.

We’re approaching David’s first birthday. Let’s not talk about how much it pains me to even write that! He is still my little tiny baby and I am not ready to give that up for toddlerhood. He is trying to walk and talk and play with Libbie and it’s too much for my mama heart.

But anyway, I am trying to decide if I should do something for his first birthday. It feels wrong NOT to! I know we won’t have any family there, obviously, because we will see them all the following weeks for Christmas. So … will anyone come?

Right now I’m thinking of having an open house-type get-together the Saturday before his birthday. I realize most people will have something else that day, but maybe they would drop by. What do you think?

If we do have a mini-party, I think I am going with a snowflake/winter theme. Here’s some of my inspiration.

Of course, if you know me you realize I mean a VERY simplistic version of these decorations. I’m not a very good party planner. And I haven’t been able to convince Amanda to just throw one of my parties for me yet.

So, I want to hear it. What’s your advice for Christmas babies?

Speaking of parties, last week my sweet bloggy friend Mary released her first e-book, Plan a Fabulous Party without Losing Your Mind.

Is that not the most hilarious cover ever?

Seeing that Mary’s blog is Giving Up on Perfect, her writing speaks to me! (Because really, I am forced to give up on perfect each and every day. Good enough is the new perfect, or something like that, right?)

I had the privilege of proofreading Plan a Fabulous Party and if I do throw a little David shindig, I will definitely be referencing my copy! It has tips for planning, decorating, and food, along with cute quotes, tricks, and pointers for every kind of get-together.

You can buy it using that link above or get it for your Kindle on Amazon. With the holidays quickly approaching … it can’t hurt to have some quick party tips at your fingertips! The book is $7.99, but with code FABPARTY you can get $3 off through tomorrow, 11/15.

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9 thoughts on “A Christmas Baby (No, Not That One.)

  1. LOL – my birthday is January 8th. Most of my friends are still on their Jan. 1st resolution diet, or broke from Christmas. I live in Wisconsin so the evenings (and frankly, some of the days) are cold and dark. No one wants to do anything.

    That said, I do think it is important to mark the individual birthday in some way. He may not remember his 1st, but will remember the rest. An easy cake and beverages reception – with the kids enjoying a playdate of sorts – will mark the day but not make you crazy this year. Maybe plan on always celebrating his birthday midway between Thanksgiving and Christmas? He is a little cutie, and yes, they shouldn't be allowed to grow so fast!

  2. That first inspiration picture is EXACTLY what I am planning for Caroline's party. I'm going to do a small party (she doesn't really have friends yet so I can invite just a few of my friends) because December 19th is too close to plan a big party. But just a few days later we'll be seeing all my family and she'll get ANOTHER party with them, so I say Christmas babies are lucky.

  3. I have two beloved friends (including sister-in-law on the "other" side) whose birthdays are on December 26. Those of us who will see him on November 25 will celebrate both his birthday and Christmas in glorious fashion. Can he sing yet?

  4. As you might recall, Johnny was also born on Dec. 20. And then Vivie wanted to be a part of the fun and her birthday is Dec. 17.

    I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM GOING TO DO THIS YEAR! ACK! Probably something on the 17th since that is a Saturday, and maybe Johnny and Shane and Viv and myself can all go do something fun during the day on the 20th. Like the museum or something.

    He got a little tiny party on his 2nd birthday with just his immediate family. I only got home from the hospital the day before! He didn't seem to mind.

    I don't know if I should do a joint bday party or what.

    Do let me know what you decide.

  5. I think you should have a little something for him. It seems like it is important to you, and you might regret it if you don't.
    My sister has a birthday on Dec 18, and she always wanted (still wants) to have something to mark her birthday.
    My boys have birthdays Jan 4 and Jan 12. We usually do something simple with just family or a few friends.

  6. Darah has yet to have an actual birthday party. I have promised myself that 3 will be her birthday party debut.

    If it sounds like fun to you, then throw the party. If it sounds like a huge hassle, then keep it simple. That first birthday is SO bittersweet!

  7. My brother and I are BOTH December babies (he on the 4th; me on the 15th). With that being said, my parents did a wonderful job making us feel special ON OUR DAY. We did have a few holiday traditions that went on during that time. For example, we both always got a new Christmas ornament with our birthday present and when we moved out of the house we got to take our ornaments. We also put our Christmas tree up on the Saturday between our birthdays.

    Because of the time of year, our birthdays were always celebrated just with the family members that lived within 45 minutes of us (so just us and one set of grandparents – unless others were in town that early for the holidays). Another thing my mom did was NEVER wrap our birthday gifts in Christmas paper. Our day was our day and it was wonderful. Now that I'm grown, I miss that special attention a bit. People now tend to forget that my birthday is 10 days before Christmas and it gets forgotten more times than I'd like to admit (except by my parents). =)

  8. Well, I'm 12/29 for a birthday and I have always thought it was okay. I never had to go to school or do homework on my birthday (but I was a nerd) and have never really worked on my birthday either as I teach.

    My mom said my birthday parties were always well attended as a kid because people wanted to get their kids out of the house during the school break. But, as the time before Christmas can be a busy time, I still "vote" that you have a shindig for your little guy. You could have it later when you are visiting your family? I've also had several birthday gatherings with my cousin (also the 20th) and my Christmas-day born grandfather. We just picked a day the family could be together and not in different states.

    My two cents.
    I think Mary Carver's husband's birthday is Christmassy as well…maybe even the same as mine? I bet she'll throw him a nice party 🙂

    Sarah L

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