Just Write (But Hurry.)

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It’s Tuesday and the theme of the last few days has been hurry, hurry. And a definite lack of sleep. David has been teething something awful plus the time change plus we can’t seem to find a happy medium temperature between the radiators and the AC/fan units. I worry the kids are hot. I worry they are cold. I worry.

My tremor is worse than it’s ever been as I try to hold onto the papers and check Scriptures at the same time. So many Scriptures in this Bible study. Most of them right but I don’t want to let any errors pass by. That is my job, after all. I am pretty sure after this one I am done with editing for a few years. My home has gone to the dogs. I can’t sacrifice bad wife bad mom bad housekeeper for a couple hundred bucks.

I frantically fold clothes this morning as I have 312 things to do before noon. But I stop and think and thank. I am thankful for healthy babies with adorable clothes. I thank God that I have a washer and dryer and hangers and for those beautiful kids I prayed for that I can dress. Even if one won’t barely stay still to get dressed and the other dresses herself in such lovely concoctions I claimed that for Halloween she was “a toddler who insists on picking out her own clothes.” Not worth the battles.

There are still those 312 things and yet for a minute I close my eyes, let the tremor stop in my left hand, rest my hands on the black keyboard and just breathe. Because it is a glorious Indian Summer-November, because yesterday we had a blast letting a baby doll fly down the slide, because Libbie has wild curly blonde hair that is perfect, because the leaves on the trees on the mountains are so gloriously magical that I can’t see them without adoring Him and making it a Bible lesson.

And she said, it is good.

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4 thoughts on “Just Write (But Hurry.)

  1. Love this post. It is so real, so relevant and so absolutely true for many of us. It is so hard to remember these things in the moment though.

    And your writing is absolutely beautiful. Beautiful.

  2. Beautiful. Thank you for being so transparent and concise. You will find balance for both family and your talent. (but it may take a while to find it!)

  3. Beautiful, Jessie. And on a more practical note, I hope you've had some time to finish your projects and get some rest!

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