Prying the Mirror Off the Wall

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Don’t I beg you, only hear the message, but put it into practice; otherwise you are merely deluding yourselves. The man who simply hears and does nothing about it is like a man catching the reflection of his own face in a mirror. He sees himself, it is true, but he goes on with whatever he was doing without the slightest recollection of what sort of person he saw in the mirror.

But the man who looks into the perfect mirror of God’s law, the law of liberty (or freedom), and makes a habit of so doing, is not the man who sees and forgets. He puts that law into practice and he wins true happiness.  James 1:22-25, J.B. Phillips New Testament

source: _Dimitry

Back in Nashville, my friend Lee had the biggest mirror I’d ever seen in her dining area. It was an open dining area, across from the stairs, really with just one wall. That mirror covered most of the one wall. It was simply enormous.

Sometimes I was a little freaked out to watch myself eat in that mirror. Was that really what I looked like? What others were seeing as I stuffed my face? Ew.

There is a way I like to think that I am and a way I really am. I am a chronic mirror-checker: is that really me? Are my eyebrows that bushy? Am I really THAT big?

I wonder how I would behave in a house with mirrored walls. If I had to watch my every move, see my face when I discipline my children in anger. Watch myself be slothful as I choose the computer over exercise or housecleaning or parenting.

It scares me, the thought of Someone watching. He sees not only all those outside faces and words but the doubts and scary thoughts and depression and anger that dance around in my head. I, like the man James describes, can turn from my Bible and immediately forget faith, forget Him. Not seeing straight.

I don’t want to live in fear of mirrors. Inner, outer, all over. I only want to be mirror myself, reflecting Him as He watches me. Break the mirrors from the wall and mosaic them to my body.

Can you see it? Glowing with Him?

Let’s do it. Let’s break the mirrors.

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One thought on “Prying the Mirror Off the Wall

  1. LOL – one of my dining room walls is covered in an 8 x 10 foot mirror. It freaks a friend out badly, but I don't notice it much.

    I completely agree with every word you've written here. It's a comfort that God knows me as I really am, but loves me anyway. But He doesn't stay stuck in seeing me as a sinner who's been saved by grace but continues to fail. He choses to see us through the veil of Christ's blood, as washed and whitened and pure, even now.

    That's what I want to reflect – that perfect positional sanctification that won't be completely realized until I'm with Him, but is being worked out bit by bit in my life here. Every bad habit broken, every sin defeated, every act of kindness and grace is a little piece of that reflection shining from my life.

    Little by little, piece by piece, the mosaic starts to form.

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