The Easiest Christmas Decoration Ever

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You know me, right? (And if you don’t, hey, subscribe! I’m strange but endearing.) I am disorganized. A mess. And I don’t really craft. Any craft I do with Libbie is either from Pinterest or laid out explicitly for me a la Truth in the Tinsel.

But I volunteered to host a table at our annual ladies’ Christmas dinner at church. And that requires decorating a table. It may seem out-of-character, but I do like to do tablescapes. Back in the day, before kids, I loved making little centerpieces for our formal dining-room table.

On Tuesday I put together my table decorations and realized my crystal candlesticks were still packed away with my china somewhere. I wasn’t about to dig through six or eight boxes in hopes of finding them. So I decided to put together a makeshift taper-holder from what I had.

Here’s what you need:

  • small Mason jar (8 oz.) or other small jar (I save glass jars and put EVERYTHING in them!)
  • ribbon or cord of some kind
  • rice or epsom salts
  • glitter
  • taper candle

Pour rice or epsom salts into jar so it is about two-thirds full. Sprinkle in some glitter and mix it around until even throughout. (I just used the candle to mix. Because I’m that kind of girl.)

Break off the bottom fourth of the candle and then push it into the rice/salt.

Tie a seasonal ribbon or cord around the top of the jar.

Tada! It’s three minutes later, you’re done, and you have done your crafty thing for the year.


I loved how my table turned out, and these little Mason-jarred candles were the perfect final touch.

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4 thoughts on “The Easiest Christmas Decoration Ever

  1. They did turn out cute, and the whole table is wonderful. I'd like to do this with some quart size, teal glass mason jars I have, but with tealights resting on the espom salts. We'll see if I get that far in the decorating!

  2. I love the table and everything you did with it. It's cheerful without being too cutesy. I remember when we used to bring our Christmas tablesettings from home for the church potluck. It was fun to see everyone's Christmas stuff and made the potluck extra festive. Here's another use for jars that I'm going to try this season.

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