Not Worth the Stress

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After 4? 5? days of trying to get my blog to migrate to Typepad, I think I’ve given up. I really only kept going because I was so grateful for winning the free year of Typepad from Hollywood Housewife – I am really hoping they will refund the credit to Laura and let someone else win. My blog is just too ding-dang big to go to Typepad without major complications.

All of this does have me thinking, and I may be attempting a move to WordPress in the near future! I have ALWAYS wanted their commenting capabilities so I can interact more with my readers. All of the incredible WordPress plug-ins would make it well worth a move, I think. And my sweet Mr. V, who was a computer science major and STILL couldn’t figure out how to make it work simply, told me I should do whatever will make me cry the least.

Thankfully, due to some Blogger miracle, I was able to restore most of my design. That’s what was causing me tons of stress! I hated thinking of people visiting my site and not seeing all of it!

So that’s the update on life at Vanderbilt Wife. I am seriously hoping for a CALM and NORMAL week. We’ve had a little too much sickness and turmoil the past two weeks for me. I’m reading One Bite at a Time by SimpleMom, and it’s doing me a world of good. So I think for now I’ll turn off the computer, drink a cup of tea, and try to relax and go to bed early. How about you?

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4 thoughts on “Not Worth the Stress

  1. "… I should do whatever will make me cry the least."

    That is some good advice from a good man! I'm going to need to remember that one!

  2. I am happy that I moved my work to WordPress, even though there's a lot of stuff it can do that I haven't taken advantage of yet. I heart Adam for being realistic and I heart you for taking his advice!

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