Grace Upon Grace

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I’m trying to remember today that there won’t always be doctor-treasure-chest toys in the dryer.

No, they won’t be nestled there alongside lint and an empty food pouch. There won’t be a trillion chocolate cheerios decorating my kitchen floor. There won’t be Sid the Science Kid and Caillou, and I never ever will speak the name Elmo unless it is my choice.

There won’t be moldy sippy cups full of old milk, midnight dirty diapers, and inexplicable wailing. (Except, perhaps, from me.)

But there won’t be baby babbles and giggles. There won’t be blonde ringlets to pet and smooth, teeth bumps to soothe with Orajel and wooden rings, or awe over a cracker spread with peanut butter.

For some reason the last few days have been nearly unbearable with the three-year-old. The refusal to cooperate with Mommy and Daddy in any fashion has eaten me to the core. I’ve cried buckets … mostly where she can’t see me dissolve.

I’ve been meandering my way through One Thousand Gifts, and today I forced myself to open my journal back up after a week’s dust had settled on it. Firmly, with pen, I write

#48 a green plastic ring in the dryer

and then I remember the rest of the day’s blessings:

cheeks full of apple and happy baby drool

David so pleased with himself as he waves bye-bye

Libbie’s book-love …

He made it all; He gave it all; it is all good.

8 thoughts on “Grace Upon Grace

  1. So, so true. Last night, as my poor oldest child woke ill and huddled in my bathroom, I gently smoothed damp hair back from his clammy forehead and was overcome with gratitude that God has entrusted me with the care of this sweet child. Because what you say resonates: He made it all… it is all good.

  2. Hi Jessie! Love the new layout and style:) And that’s a great picture of you-you’re a very pretty girl!!
    And the issues with the 3-year-old? We have them too. With EVERY child. And my kids are about 2 years apart, so we think we’re over it for a while, and then the next one starts!! Recently I’ve been thinking about this. We have one with health concerns (not overly serious, thankfully) right now, so we use a little extra patience and take a little extra time with him, taking into consideration his needs. But ALL my children have ‘health’ concerns-their sinful, childish hearts, right? I am realizing that I need to give them all more of my consideration and understanding. I have received grace upon grace, so I should in turn live that out. And that is so hard for my sinful, adult heart!
    Blessings to you Jessie!! Sorry for the long preachy comment 😀 Have a great day today!

    • Oh how I struggle with my sinful, adult heart. It is so selfish. I can’t even begin to think about their struggles with ever more tender hearts!

      Yeah … I expect that if we ever get through this with Libbie, it will be David’s turn. Oh joy.

  3. So comforted to know that you, wonderful, Godly you, has a defiant child. Maybe I’m not such a horrible mother and perhaps this is just what three is! Hang in there and thanks so much for sharing. Hugs to you and the kiddos!

    • Oh Jamie, I am afraid I make myself look too good if you would call me godly. I do think it’s just 3, from what I understand. It’s SO hard. But I think you’d find from other mothers of 3s that most of them try to drive you insane.

  4. Jessie, I think as intelligent, independent people, we were bound to have bright, willful children! 🙂 I have several great parenting books that have helped me to find a good balance of encouraging cooperation while honoring independence, which is a big part of 2 and 3! There is an entire chapter in the book “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk” that is devoted to how to engage cooperation by how we phrase things. I also have much more success getting Simon to cooperate if I turn things into games or songs. It does take a lot of energy, but it works amazingly well. Oh, and here’s a little inspiration I keep on my fridge for reference on rough days: – #7 is often so very true with Simon.

  5. Take heart! These days may seem to drag, but they will be over soon and you’ll think “where did the time go?” Although I still have littles, my older girls are so helpful and loving with their siblings that it has made life so different now than 5 years ago when they were 5 and under… God bless you all!

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