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It was so awesome to get to hear Jon Acuff speak at Blissdom this morning. He is truly hilarious, and his talk about deep-vee-syndrome had everyone cracked up and Tweeting one-liners.

But the more serious and impassioned part of his talk was about his job-hopping because he thought the next job would be more fulfilling, they would appreciate him, or he would find what he loved. And of course, he knew what he loved – blogging, writing, traveling, being funny.

It’s difficult to throw yourself wholeheartedly into what you love. There’s always something else. Minutiae, family, details, work. Somewhere back there, though, we have a dream. Acuff called it the “but” phenomenon; everyone says, “I’m a ________, but I want to be a __________.”

Which is why it strikes me as so amazing that I can say I am exactly what I want to be. I’ve always wanted to be a writer and a mother. And how crazy blessed am I that those two things are what I do? I certainly don’t have everything figured out, and I always long for more. (Who doesn’t? Our hearts aren’t made for this world.) But on earth, I believe God has gifted me with the talent to write. I just need to figure out how to glorify Him using that talent.

And this blog, writing for magazines, working on a ministry newsletter – those things seem like the right place to start. Through the pain and confusion of the last three years, God has blessed me beyond belief in the area of my writing, opening doors without me trying to shove them open – and then figuring out that the sign said “pull.” Giving our future, our home, our kids to Him has enabled me to lift up my hands and say, “Hey, Lord, just do what You want with me. Cause You’re going to anyway, so it’s way better if I just give in.”

What is your “but”? What is it you really want to do? And what’s stopping you?


6 thoughts on “Stuff Jessie Likes

  1. I am extremely blessed as well. This is something that I was thinking about today. It’s funny how sometimes you don’t realize how blessed you are until you see it throgh another’s eyes. At least that’s what happens with me some times. I think I just really want to be pleasing to God. I want to give him glory in all that i do. This often times drives me to want more. I’m sure that he will help me. I think what I need to do in order to reach full potential is to do as you suggested and give in to God. I need to allow Him to be there for me.

    Thanks for writing this great post.

  2. I’m doing what I always said I wanted to do…be a computer programmer for a bank. But my position has changed some and I really, really would like to be home with my kids and do the blogging/writing thing full-time. Love that you are getting to do that!

    I read Quitter when I was putting my eBook out. He has some great advice and I love Jon! I actually met him at Catalyst two years ago 🙂

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