Adopting Twins

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Oh wait, did you think I was talking about me? After YESTERDAY’S POST? Ha. ha ha.

Oh, sorry.

Now for real. I love adoption. I think it is definitely God’s heart for helping the orphans. We are not “there” yet … although who knows, maybe someday.

One of my friends is, though. My dear friend Ashley and her family (husband Cameron and three kids) have been working through the adoption process for about two years. Door after door has closed as they looked at Ethiopian adoption.

In the past two weeks, though, Ashley and Cameron have been convinced by the Holy Spirit that they are to bring these twins home from the Congo.

We are desperate to bring these twins to Chattanooga and into our church home. I can’t wait to see them growing up alongside my own sweet kids. They are 2, so they will fall right in between the ages of my kiddos.

The family has an immediate need for over $13,000 to help place a “hold” on these two beautiful children. The cost for adopting two is over $40,000. Ashley and Cameron are a one-income family in a city without a high cost of living. That number seems nearly impossible.

But nothing is impossible with God. They believe that. I believe it. Do you?

Here are two ways you can help.

Until Sunday, they are auctioning off a weeklong condo rental in Hilton Head, SC. The current bid is $1,000. {That post says April 15 is the deadline, but it’s moved up to April 1 so they can get the funds to their agency.} To bid, you e-mail

Or you can donate directly to their adoption fund here.


UPDATE: You can make a tax-deductible donation to the family through Ordinary Hero. Simply use this form and put “Smalley Family Adoption” in the comment box.

The Smalleys are already blown away by the support they’ve received. Let’s raise that $13,000!!!

2 thoughts on “Adopting Twins

  1. What a wonderful thing adoption is. However, the thing that makes me sad in this whole thing is that there are children in the United States that are in need of a good home just as much as children in other countries. People need to start looking and thinking about adopting from this country before looking outside its borders.

  2. While I understand and fully respect questions that are posed as to why someone may choose to look outside of the US. I feel that each family has to prayerfully make that choice on their own. It was not a hasty decision to look beyond our borders. While it is terribly sad that there are orphans in the US, it is equally sad that
    2,102,400 more children become orphans every year in Africa alone. That statistic alone is overwhelming. We have been led to adopt from Congo. The violent crimes against women and children are unimaginable. This is a country plagued with heartache of the deepest kind. While the stories of heartache are universal, Congo’s stories are unending and brutal. I think few would argue or question the need for orphaned children to be removed from that environment.
    The issue is not where you adopt. The main issue should be that we all should heavily consider it. There are 147million plus orphans worldwide. With each of us doing out part, that crisis could easily be eliminated. If you are passionate about adopting from the US, I would encourage you to look into that and inspire others to do the same.
    Thank you for having a heart for orphans!

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