10 Favorite Movies from My Teens

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Are there movies you could watch again and again … even though they are more appropriate for 14-year-olds? Maybe for you it’s High School Musical … or maybe you grew up Pretty in Pink?

All it took was one passing mention of one of these films and I was instantly transported to my own teenaged years. So just for fun, here are 10 of my favorite movies from when I was a teen [I turned 13 in 1995].

1. Camp Nowhere (1994) – Cute boys, four cliques brought together, innocent kisses, and life without parents. I’m pretty sure I could still watch this 18 times in a row. And my heart might still beat a little fast for 12-year-old Jonathan Jackson. Ha.

2. Now and Then (1995) – Four girlfriends in the 60s grow up a little bit and find out about themselves and friendships. I love the flash forwards to their adult selves, and I love the 60s soundtrack! I remember going to see this with my Sunday School class and gushing over Devon Sawa. As my sister said (very, very tired, on a road trip), “Sometimes you just need to see Devon Sawa’s booty.”

3. Casper (1995) – Yeah, I’m pretty sure this one was entirely to do with the 5 minutes Devon Sawa is Casper, the human version. And my 13-year-old self fumed with jealousy that Christina Ricci got to kiss him, again.

4. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999) – I’ve declared my love for this teen flick before. I’ve seen it a million times. It’s pretty darn funny. And the whole nerdy guy from 10 Things is the head elf in The Santa Clause is the dude from Numbers? Crazy.

5. She’s All That (1999) – As I “matured,” my love for Devon Sawa gave way to an intense love for Freddie Prinze, Jr. (Which also explains my prejudice against Sarah Michelle Gellar, his now-wife.) No, this movie is not really good. It’s your typical girl-takes-off-her-glasses-and-now-she’s-hot-and-guy-loves-her. But … Freddie!

6. Grease (1978) – I’m pretty sure Grease is part of every woman’s teenaged life since 1978. My husbands claims all the words to all the songs are implanted on the second X chromosome. What sleepover is complete without an off-key and window-shattering rendition of “Summer Nights”?

7. Drive Me Crazy (1999) – A little twist on the “one of them changes and now it’s OK” relationship, in this one girl tries to change guy to make her ex jealous. But it’s OK, because she figures out that she likes him for him at the end. I like Melissa Joan Hart and thought Adrian Grenier was adorable in this movie before he got famous on Entourage.

8. Down to You (2000) – More Freddie, more Julia Stiles. I love Julia Stiles. She was in a bunch of teen movies, but she really was and is a great actress. Other than that, I really have no defense for this one.

9. Cruel Intentions (1999) – Apparently 1999 was a HUGE year for teen flicks. Yeah, the premise of this movie is just flat-out awful. But I can’t say I didn’t watch it five or ten times. Besides, I liked being able to legitimately hate Sarah Michelle Gellar.

10. Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999) – I remember going to see this with my sister and some friends in the theater and thinking it was one of the stupidest movies I’d ever seen. And then I watched it again … and again … and suddenly it was flat-out hilarious. Kirsten Dunst was perfect in this black comedy set in Minnesota.

What movies do you still love from your teen years?

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8 thoughts on “10 Favorite Movies from My Teens

  1. Yes, of course I love teen movies. I was just thinking tonight how much I love (and thinking about watching) 10 Things I Hate About You. I’m not even real embarrassed to tell you that I also loved the recent ABC Family show of the same name. 🙂 Also – I love Freddie Prinze Jr. And Julia Stiles. Now I want to watch a teen movie. 🙂

  2. I must be almost 10 year older than you. I’m from the John Hughes era. Pretty in Pink. Sixteen Candles. Can’t Buy Me Love. Some Kind of Wonderful. Etc. BUT Grease resides in the top 5 of my all time favorite movies.

  3. YAY for 10 Things and Drop Dead Gorgeous and Cruel Intentions! I have a huge love for all Mary Stuart Masterson movies, and most John Hughes movies. And Freddie Prinze, Jr? Buffy is worth 10 of him! But David Krumholtz from Numbers is well worth watching in EVERYTHING!

  4. I have to say I LOVED this list!!! I love the movie Drive Me Crazy but there are lots of people out there who have never seen it. I was so happy to see it on your list.
    The list brought back GREAT memories, I haven’t thought about in a long time.
    I also had totally forgotten about Camp Nowhere and Now and Then.
    I actually own both 10 Things I hate about you and Drop Dead Gorgeous. Along with the soundtrack to 10 Things.

    Thanks so much for the list and reminding me of my own memories!

    • We must have grown up at the same time! We totally own 10 Things and Drop Dead Gorgeous AND Now and Then. (And by we, I mean I. Ha.) I love the 10 Things soundtrack, too, and I know I had the one to Drive Me Crazy as well!

  5. I am one million years late with this comment but I HAVE to tell you this solidifies my theory we would have gotten along famously in high school (and should be real life friends now). When I read the title the first 3 movies that popped into my head were 10 Things, Cruel Intentions and Drive Me Crazy, but I also own/love Down To You and Drop Dead Gorgeous. Whenever they’re on TV I feel like I must immediately stop what I am doing and watch.

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