A Satisfying Life

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I love the New Living Translation. If you feel like the Bible is a bunch of gibberish, you should really try reading the NLT. While it may not be as accurate to the original text as other translations, I feel like it makes the Word so very clear.

Yesterday afternoon I read about Abraham’s death during a few quiet moments. Not much is said about it, except that he was 175 years old and had remarried and had other children. But in the NLT Genesis 25:8 says Abraham died “at a ripe old age, having lived a long and satisfying life.”

A satisfying life. Isn’t that what we all want? I don’t want to be rich or famous. I don’t even want to be skinny or more beautiful or have unbitten fingernails. I want to be satisfied with myself and my life.

I love what Matthew Henry’s Commentary says on these verses from Genesis 25: “Whether our stay in this life be long or short, it matters but little, provided we leave behind us a testimony to the faithfulness and goodness of the Lord, and a good example to our families.”

I recently discovered that as an INFP personality-type, I am a “healer.” I want to make everything better all the time. I want to answer every question people ask on Facebook or Twitter. I want to feed everyone, because I think it will make them happy. And I live in frustration with myself because I feel like I’m not changing the world, doing good for mankind.


I focus on all the things I do wrong in parenting instead of what I do right.


I look at my body and come away with disgust, hating myself for doing what I shouldn’t do.


Here is what I do right: I open my Bible and read it and pray. I gather my kids on my lap and read them stacks of books. I tell the honest truth to my friends (and anyone who might listen) about being a parent, a wife, and a Christian. I admit failures. I drink water. I choose playing outside over doing the dishes. I nurse my baby because he still wants to. I keep in touch with my family members. I love with abandon.  I try to make crafts. I color. I make silly faces and make up silly songs.

All in all, right now, I feel pretty darn satisfied. Am I leaving a legacy? Doing what God wants me to do? Setting an example for my family? Time will tell, I suppose. I choose to believe that I am getting there.

I hope when I’m “gathered to my people,” like Abraham, I will have lived a long and satisfying life.

3 thoughts on “A Satisfying Life

  1. Oh Jessie. Thank you so much for the reminder. I love the NLT too! And had never thought of that verse quite like that. I needed that. It’s way too easy to judge than it is to praise, easier to point than encourage. Thank you for calling my attention to it!

  2. I can attest to the fact that you do love to feed people….and that is a tremendous gift! I’ve got leftover pork roast-turned bbq quesadillas going on the stove right now for lunch, and I was just thinking about how blessed we were to get this food from you. It has provided much stress relief, and many meals! I loved that I could turn leftovers into something else almost effortlessly, too! Thank you for what you have given to my family!

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