A Tisket, a Tasket, Cadburys in My Basket

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When I was young and maybe when I was in college, we always did the whole Easter egg hunt hoopla. My sister and I would scurry around the house, searching behind curtains, eventually going to a game of “hot and cold” so no eggs would be left behind. Then, hyped up on jelly beans, we were off to church in new dresses. (Although not frilly ones – my dad was anti-frills.)

With my own kids, I am trying to separate Resurrection Day and the Bunny/Chick/Egg Easter a little more. The kids have done their Easter egg hunting, candy devouring, etc. But this past week we’ve tried to focus on Jesus and the Resurrection.

But I also have a little secret hiding in my closet. A very lovely and very FULL Easter basket from Hershey’s. The people from Hershey’s were at Blissdom, and of course I had to go meet them since my dad works there. We had a fun talk about the town and about their Bunny Hop, where bloggers are talking Easter traditions and tips. If you’re still looking for ideas for Springtime treats, Hershey’s has some fun ones on their site.

I think Libbie will be pretty excited when I pull out that big old basket Sunday afternoon and we can all taste Cadbury’s mini-creme eggs, Cadbury mini-eggs (MY FAVORITE), a Reese’s chocolate bunny, Reese’s pieces carrot, and Jolly Rancher jelly beans.

[In full disclosure, we’re trying to cut out food coloring from our kids’ diets, so my husband and I may be eating much of it ourselves or giving it to his dorm boys. After I eat most of the mini-eggs.]

You can’t tell we have a total weakness for Reese’s and Cadbury, can you?

What’s your favorite Easter candy?

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