Celebrating Holy Week: Update on Day 1

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I tried.

Unfortunately, much of the day was summed up in this Tweet:

Yeah, Libbie was throwing a tantrum because I wanted her to dance to music that wasn’t Gourds Just Wanna Have Fun.

We did all the things on our list other than read from the Jesus Storybook Bible because I CAN’T FIND IT TO SAVE MY LIFE. Eeeek! How is that possible? I’m going to keep searching because I really want it this week. I read to Libbie from my Bible instead.

It was another really hard day with Libbie. She didn’t even nap to give me a little break. She broke every rule, ignored everything I said, and refused to get excited or have fun. But I just kept trying … and didn’t yell TOO much.

Tomorrow we’re talking about the anointing of Jesus at Bethany and His preparations for the Last Supper. Our outline will be up in the morning. And tomorrow’s another day … right?

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