Celebrating Holy Week with Toddlers & Preschoolers: Day 3, The Last Supper

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We started talking about Passover and its history on day 2. Libbie and I read about Pharaoh, the ten plagues, and the exit of the Israelites from Egypt in the Jesus Storybook Bible (which I found! yes!). Then we made matzah bread.

Now we’ll move on to talking about the Last Supper, where Jesus celebrated Passover with His disciples. Then we will talk about Peter’s denial being predicted and how Peter denied Jesus three times.

Read “The Servant King” from the Jesus Storybook Bible

For David (toddler): read The Story of Easter

Talk about Peter’s denial – read Luke 22:54-62 from the Bible

Make two “Remember” canvases – one with the cup and the bread and one with the rooster

Start making preparations for “Hooray, Jesus is Risen!” party tomorrow.

Last Supper Playlist:

Remember Me from Mark Schultz (Mark Schultz)
Communion from Wherever You Are (Third Day)
Taste and See from Hide Em in Your Heart Worship (Betsy Hernandez and Steve Green)
This Is My Commandment from 25 Favorite Sunday School Songs (Veggie Tales)
Praise and Thanksgiving from Wee Sing More Bible Songs
Bread of Life from Your Grace Is Enough

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