Menu Plan Monday

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Welcome to this week’s menu plan! Did you have a happy cooking week? Despite the fact that I rarely have to cook dinner because we eat in the school’s dining hall, I cooked up a STORM last week.

I made: Toddler Thai Noodles, Pasta with Chicken Meatballs (want a recipe? I just made it up as I went along.), French Lemon Yogurt Cake (some were cupcakes), Cake Batter Pudding Cookies, Peanut Butter Blossoms, three meals for one friend (PW lasagna, Islander Pork Roast, Tomato Basil Burgers), one meal for another friend (chicken and cherries, brown rice, strawberry-lemon pie) AND a dinner for us and four of our high-school dorm boys. For that, I made steaks, fried potato slices, carrot souffle, spring greens and berries salad, and Boston cream pie cupcakes.

So yeah, my kitchen got a workout. And just reiterated how much I hate doing dishes.

Monday: Grilled Peppers and Sausage with Cheese Grits

Breakfast: Orange Muffins
Dinner: Leftovers

Lunch: Taco Corn Fritters
Dinner: Smoky Steak Kebabs, brown rice, salad

Dinner: Tacos, Jalapeno-Lime Corn on the Cob

Breakfast: Orange Muffins
Lunch: Pasta Salad
Dinner: leftovers

Dinner: Rosemary-Balsamic Chicken and Tortellini, Salad

Breakfast: Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins
Dinner: BBQ Ranch Chicken Spaghetti

5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. How wonderful is it that so much of the cooking you did last week was for people outside your immediate family? That so clearly shows your generous spirit and willingness to sacrifice for others. Too many people – even in our own church families – are reluctant to do the same.

  2. It’s a great blessing to me to rarely have to cook dinner because we get free meals in the dining hall, being dorm parents. I LOVE to cook and feed people, and it’s a privilege to be able to use the funds and time I spent on dinner on feeding others!

  3. So many great things to try. Yum! I especially want to try those banana muffins asap! My question is… how do you find the time? Our babies are around the same age and she doesn’t give me a moment of peace. I miss baking. Wah.

    • Well, first of all my kids are in Mother’s Day Out for 8 hours a week. That helps considerably in giving me time! I often bake while I have David trapped in the high chair. He also takes really long naps (2.5 to 3 hours). And lastly, I don’t have to cook dinner, so my baking and cooking mojo is all funneled elsewhere!

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