June Menu Plan

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I am SO glad to be done with this menu! I’ve never before attempted a whole month’s menu, but with lots of other stuff to do this summer (including trying to plan “camp” weeks for my kids: Dinosaur Camp, Jungle Camp, Ocean Camp …) I wanted to get meal-planning out of the way ASAP. I see a Big Cooking Day coming soon so I can stock the freezer with breakfasts and lunches and have that done, too!


June 1: Faculty dinner

June 2: Lemon Dill Chicken, rice, corn on the cob

Note: June 3-9 we are participating in JessieLeigh’s Eating By Ancestry challenge. We’ll be eating like Germans (my heritage) and see how we feel! We’re going to go the traditional route of eating our bigger meal at lunch, which is perfect since it’s VBS week anyway. If you’re interested in participating, let JessieLeigh know and check out our group Pinterest board!

June 3
B: Potato Pancakes, coffee
L: Gulaschsuppe, Pretzels
D: Sandwiches, fruit

June 4
B: toast, jam, marmalade, coffee, milk, ham
L: Kase Spatzle
D: Leftovers, sandwiches, fruit

June 5
B: toast, jam, marmalade, deli meat, coffee, milk
L: Rouladen, Mashed Potatoes, Braised Red Cabbage
D: Bierocks

June 6
B: Crepes with jam / cream cheeses
L: Fladesuppe (Soup with Crepes)
D: Sandwich fixings, raspberry strudel

June 7
B: toast, etc
L: Konigsberger Klopse (German Meatballs), mashed potatoes, bread
D: leftovers

June 8
B: apple pancakes
L: Geschnetzeltes, noodles, roasted carrots
D: sandwiches

June 9
B: German yeast donut holes with powdered sugar, coffee, milk
L: Frikadellen mit Bratkartoffeln (hamburgers) with fried potatoes
D: leftovers or sandwiches

June 10: Stuffed Buffalo Chicken, salad, baked potatoes

June 11: Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops, Green Beans, Fruit Salad

June 12: Balsamic Chicken and Tortellini, Spinach Salad

June 13: Tilapa with Honey-Tangerine Sauce, brown rice, broccoli

June 14: Cajun Shrimp Pizza

June 15-18 Out of Town

June 19: Citrus-Honey Chicken Thighs, veggie stir-fry, rice

June 20: Honey-Parmesan Pork Roast, Italian white beans, broccoli

June 21: Roasted Tomato Soup, grilled cheese

June 22: Crispy Salmon with Basil Noodles, broccoli

June 23: BBQ Chicken Salad with Creamy Cilantro Dressing, homemade bread

June 24: leftovers

June 25: Italian Stuffed Peppers with Sausage in the Slow Cooker, salad

June 26: Marinated Grilled Shrimp, fried zucchini, baked potatoes

June 27: Steakhouse Steaks, sweet potatoes, broccoli

June 28: Rosemary-Brie Chicken Burgers, potato wedges, fruit

June 29: Summer Bow-Ties

June 30: leftovers


Baked Banana Donuts
Granola, yogurt, fruit
Easy Breakfast Casserole
pancakes / oatmeal pancakes
Peachy Granola Muffins
Oatmeal Cups
Banana Puff Pancake
Breakfast Quinoa with Maple and Nuts
Breakfast Cookies
Orange Muffins


Ham and Potato Pockets, pretzels, fruit
BeBe Bolognese
Cheese / PBJ pockets (made like these pizza pockets), tortilla chips, fruit with peanut butter dip
Clean Eating Turkey and Sweet Potato Chili
Balsamic Onion Pot Roast in the Crockpot, Corn on the Cob (Sunday lunch)
Pasta with Very Veggie Sauce
little quinoa patties, eggs
“muffin tin meals” – assortment of small, toddler-friendly foods
salads for mommy
PBJ, pretzels, fruit

*Shew.* Honestly, I hate menu planning! And since we eat in the dining hall about 9 months of the year, I don’t have to do it a lot. But when I have to cook, it definitely makes life much easier.

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6 thoughts on “June Menu Plan

  1. Brave woman to do a new German recipe every day for a week! I’m half German, but on my Dad’s side, though my mom would make rouladen every so often (which is very similar to the Sicilian bracioli, but with different stuffing and made with gravy instead of cooked in sauce).

    Congrats on getting a whole month down; even if some days get derailed, it helps to have a plan.

  2. I’m half-German and absolutely love the mellow flavors of German food. Your blog today was a goldmine of recipes. Can’t wait to try them out! Thanks for sharing! Sehr gut!

    • I love everything about German food, too, so I am WAY excited about this coming week. My hubby, not so much! But we’ll try to win him over. 🙂 I’m glad these links were helpful to you and I’ll definitely be updating on the recipe results here and on my FB page.

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