Recipes I’ve Tried, Vol. 4

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In light of yesterday’s very interesting cooking experience, I thought it was high time for another installment in this series!

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have laughed alongside me as I sat scared of the absolutely enormous mass of bread dough rising in my kitchen … and then at this loaf that obviously should have been two loaves.

That bread recipe was Oatmeal Sandwich Bread from Bee’s Knees Recipes. I did everything exactly as written, but ended up having to add quite a bit more flour to get an elastic dough. (Probably 2 cups more.) The recipe said to form 3 loaves, which I did. And it left me with 2 normal loaves and this GINORMOUS loaf. Obviously, I should have made 4 loaves. So if you think one loaf is too big … do as I say, not as I do. Make 4. The bread itself is really yummy, but I wouldn’t classify it as sandwich bread. It’s still too falling-apart for me to make sandwiches with. Maybe I shouldn’t have let it rise so much? Who knows.

Cinnamon Roll Bread in 30 Minutes – I was up early Saturday morning, and decided to knock out breakfast before the kids even woke up. I was thinking about JessieLeigh’s similar Deconstructed Pain au Chocolat, but it felt too decadent to have chocolate for breakfast. This cinnamon roll bread probably has at least as much sugar … but it feels more breakfasty.

It’s rare that I find something every member of my family will eat, but this did the deal! My husband gobbled up about half of it, and the kids both ate their fair share. In all honesty, it was a little sweet for me – I could probably do with about half of the streusel mixture. But Mr. V said it was perfect, so I’d leave the recipe the way it was!

Strawberry Dream Cake – For Mother’s Day, I decided to make myself a strawberry cake. I looked, and most of the recipes I found used strawberry cake mix, or jell-o, or cool whip. Not my favorite things. This recipe is made from scratch, including a VERY cream cheesy frosting. The most difficult part was putting the strawberries through a sieve to separate the liquids and pulp. The liquids are used in the cake batter and the pulp in the frosting. It was delicious! Mr. V didn’t like the frosting; it still tastes very much of cream cheese and is not terribly sweet. So if you’re not a big cream cheese fan, I would cut the amount down to 6-8 ounces. It will still turn out fine.

Lemon Garlic Tuna Burgers – I’ve made these tuna burgers several times. They are SO easy since you use canned tuna, but taste fresh because of the lemon juice and sour cream. Perfect for lunch on an English muffin. My picky toddler will even eat one, so I deem that a great success!

What’s the best recipe you’ve tried lately?

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